How Science-Literate Are You?

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11 Questions - Developed by: Mayuri Kurotsuchi - Developed on: - 3.381 taken

How well do you understand the world and the universe?

  • 1
    The center of the Earth is made up of:
    A liquid core of Magnesium.
    A solid core of Iron.
    A liquid core of Aluminum.
    A solid core of Nickel.
  • 2
    Which of these can travel faster than light?
    Nothing can travel faster than light.
    A rocket.
    A bullet.
  • 3
    Atoms contain which of the following?
    Subatomic Particles.
  • 4
    Antibiotics can kill which of the following?
    The flu.
  • 5
    The universe began with _____, which took place __ years ago.
    The Cambrian Explosion, 6,000
    The Big Bang, 13.8 Billion
    The Holocene, 17 Million
    The Big Bang, 2.3 Million
  • 6
    The continents on which we live have been moving for __ of years and will __ in the future.
    Thousands, stop
    Billions, stop
    Trick question, the continents don't move
    Millions, continue to do so
  • 7
    Waves here on Earth are cause by:
    The Sun's gravity pushing on the ocean part of Earth.
    The Moon's gravity pushing on the ocean part of Earth.
    The Moon's gravity pulling on the solid part of Earth.
    Earth's orbit.
    Earth's rotation.
  • 8
    Human beings first appeared around ___ years ago but our lineage can be traced back to ___.
    93.6 Million,
    65 Million, Neanderthals.
    200,000, single cell organisms
    6,000, Adam and Eve.
  • 9
    The earliest humans lived at the same time as dinosaurs and often drew cave paintings.
    True, humans often hunted Sauropods and depicted it in their paintings.
    False, humans appeared 2 Billion years after the dinosaurs.
    False, humans had not evolved yet.
    True, human bones have been found in fossilized dinosaur feces.
  • 10
    How long does it take for the Earth to go around the Sun?
    One day.
    One week.
    One month.
    One year.
  • 11
    A doctor tells a couple that their genetic makeup means that they've got one in four chances of having a child with an inherited illness.
    If their first child has the illness, the next three will not.
    If their first three children are healthy, the fourth will have the illness.
    Each of the couples' children will have the same risk of suffering from the illness.
    If they only have three children, none of them will have the illness.

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