Which Vocaloid are you?

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Possible Vocaloids:
Rin and Len

  • 1
    Your best friend just invited you over for a party! What do you bring to his/her house?
    Bananas, of course~
    I'll probably bring some salsa or something.
    I'll just bring some chips and ice cream.
    Beer. I like it, so he/she must like it, too.
  • 2
    You're at the party, and someone offered you an alcoholic drink. What do you do?
    Drink the night away!
    I accept. One drink wouldn't hurt.
    I politely refuse and keep munching on snacks.
    I shake my head "no" and go to get a cookie.
    I say no and pop the tab on my soda to emphasize my answer.
  • 3
    You see your friend's boy/girlfriend cheating on her/him by kissing another girl/boy. What do you do?
    I run to go tell my friend as fast as I can.
    I go over and kick him/her for cheating.
    I push the cheater away and ask what they think they're doing.
    I get a steamroller and roll over the cheating boy/girlfriend, of course!
    I calmly go over and sock the cheating boy/girlfriend in the mouth.
  • 4
    The cheating boy/girlfriend said that the other person kissed him/her first. What's your reaction?
    I already went to get my friend, and she/he is heartbroken! What else is there that I can do other than kick the cheating lover in the neck?
    I stay cool and tell them that I better not catch him/her cheating again.
    Oops, I already crushed him/her with a steamroller... *guilty laugh*
    I believe them and tell the other person to back off.
    I don't believe him/her and start yelling at them as loud as I can.
  • 5
    After the cheating ordeal, you went to go get a drink. You hear someone talking behind your back about you. What do you do?
    I turn around and angrily threaten the person with my crushed beer can.
    I whip around, staring at them with furious fire in my eyes.
    I pretend I didn't hear it, but inside I'm heartbroken.
    I ignore it completely, letting it slide off my back.
    I go to the corner and sit there.
  • 6
    The mean girl of the town "accidentally" poured her drink on you as you were walking away. What's your reaction?
    I crush my current can on her forehead even though it wasn't empty.
    I yell a little, then go and try to wash it off in the bathroom.
    I smack her and walk away, completely indifferent.
    I "accidentally" pour my drink on her head.
    I yell at her until she backs away with a sneer.
  • 7
    Your ex-best friend, who had been completely ignoring you for two years, wants to be friends again. What's your reaction to his/her sudden turn-around?
    Deny and walk away to your current friend.
    I roll my eyes and walk away, then realize I should have accepted.
    I stay silent, then turn around and go to eat something.
    I accept, but I'm wary about how he/she will treat me.
    I happily accept, doing a little victory dance in my head.
  • 8
    Your mom, who's been away for the last couple weeks on a business trip, calls and asks if you've finished your homework.

    You hadn't. Your reaction?
    I say no, feeling guilty.
    I curse my slur from the drinks and say yes, hoping for the best.
    I flawlessly say yes, then hang up.
    I say yes after retreating to the quietest corner. You try to stay turned away from the sound of the party.
    I say yes, promising myself to do it later.
  • 9
    Your friend comes up and asks if you could stay late and help clean up. What do you do?
    I nod, then start gathering the trash people have dropped, despite the party not being over.
    I say absolutely and forget about my homework.
    I brush it off, saying I have stuff to do at home.
    I say yes and curse my helpful nature. I still have homework to do!
    I lie to get out of cleaning, saying that I need to take care of my dog and cat...
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    If it helps you sleep at night. What's my result?
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