Your life as a princess

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You were born a princess that you cannot control. But who are you really? An adventurer? A fashionista? A Rebel? Or a bookworm? And what happens when you're faced with some of the most important choices you will ever make?

  • 1
    Alllllllrighty let's get started!
    Yes! let's do this thing!
    Can you just hurry up already?
  • 2
    Role play time! you're lounging around your garden when you notice one of the stable boys cautious slipping out the back. Do you follow him?
    I'd rather be picking out my outfit for tomorrow........
    Sure, I've got nothing better to do. then again I was perfecting one of my pranks...
    It does seem odd, why not?
    It's not really my business. Fine I'll go.
  • 3
    You've been following him for a while now, and he seems to be headed to the forest do you head back?
    Well my Dad has forbidden me to go into the forest..... So obviously yes!
    The forest is my favorite place to spend my time! I love hanging out with the woodland creatures!
    My brand new shoes are ruined! This better be worth it!
    Are you kidding! I can't stop now!
  • 4
    You follow him deeper into the forest when suddenly he whirls around. "Hello your Highness." he says with an mischievous glint in his eye. "I Confess I didn't expect this to work." Two large men appear from behind the trees and restrain you.
    How dare you!
    *starts crying* You're hurting me.
    I can't believe I didn't see this coming!
    No fair! I'm the one who dupes people!
  • 5
    The ruffians lead you to a abandoned shack in the woods. And lock you in. What now?
    My father will come for me!
    I can't believe this! *kicks rickety chair in the corner*
    Sit down and try to think your way out. You need a plan first!
    I have to find a way out of here!
  • 6
    You were unable to escape. And the next morning you awake to someone shaking you. "Get up we're moving again." the boy says. "You didn't expect us to wait for your Father to get here? Did you?"
    Say nothing.
    Get off me!
    Punch him in the guts.
    Stand up, dust yourself off, and walk out with your head held high.
  • 7
    You walking down a steep incline and trip. As you brace yourself for the fall someone catches you. You look up into a pair of concerned green eyes. "Are you alright?" the boy asks. You almost tumble back down the hill at that last remark. Since when did he start caring about you?
    Yank your arm away and say when exactly did I give you permission to touch me?
    Stare into those green eyes a few seconds longer before snapping yourself out of it.
    Say I'm fine thank you stiffly.
    I-I.....I"m fine thanks
  • 8
    When you stop for the night you realize you haven't gone pee all day...........and you really have to.
    I need to use the rest room you say bravely
    Somebody take me to the bathroom. Now.
    Um I-I need to relieve myself.
    Is there a nearby bush I could visit?
  • 9
    The boy leads you away from the campfire and you use the rest room behind a bush. On the way back you find yourself striking up a conversation. After talking for awhile you ask what's your Name? Call me Alex he says with a grin. And before you know it he is leaning in for a kiss. Do you kiss him?
    Sure *giggles*
    Slap him HARD
    Ewwwwww No! Not only is he way below my status but he kidnapped me!
    Crap. I think I'm falling for him nooooooo. But yeah I'll kiss him ;)
  • 10
    The next morning Your camp out is raided by the kings men! You're rescued! But this means Alex will hang. Feel any remorse?
    Awe poor guy
    But what can I do?
    It was his choice to kidnap me! Why should I Care!
    I'm just excited to take a bath.
  • 11
    Your Father is so happy to see you he throws a Ball in your honor. What do you wear?
    I SWEAR LADY IF THIS QUIZ DOESN'T END SOON! me: I know I know I'm sorry!
    Something blue or green. But it has to be comfortable after all you'll be wearing it all night
    Something simple yet elegant
    Something glamorous that shows off your fabulous figure.
  • 12
    At the ball a handsome prince introduces himself as Eric, he also asks you to dance. Do you accept?
    It would be rude not to. But that doesn't mean I'm interested in him.
    Um HELLO! He's a prince and he's hot! I'd be an idiot not to!
    Me? Dance? HAHAHAHA
    No. I'm too worried about Alex. *Politely declines*
  • 13
    Later that night you find yourself walking in the garden with Prince Eric. He leans in for a kiss, Do you?
    No I have feelings for Alex.
    French kiss baby ;););)
    No.... I just can't
  • 14
    The next morning your father comes to talk to you he has arranged a marriage for you......... with Eric.
    *runs away crying*
    WHAT! How could he do that to me!
  • 15
    It's your wedding day! Do you run away at the altar? Or wed your perfect prince?
    I can't marry Eric! *Runs back down the aisle while the shocked crowd gasps*
    Pft. I already busted Alex out of jail last night and ran away with him.
    Is that even a question? I float down the aisle looking spectacular (as always)
    Puhleeze I'm long gone girl. I don't need Alex OR Eric I'm a lone ranger
  • 16
    I've got some space to fill..... Favorite animal? (Out of these)
  • 17
    Describe yourself in three words
    Adventurous, spunky, curious
    Fashionable, elegant, proud
    Rebel, confident, tough
    Smart, loving, sweet
  • 18
    Favorite pass times?
    Swimming, hiking etc.
    Reading, writing or drawing
    Skating, spending time with friends, pulling pranks
  • 19
    I'm so so sorry this was so long. It's my first Quiz ok! Seriously though please don't hurt me.
    Awe its fine sweetheart
    It's ok
    Just show me the results already
  • 20
    And now let fate decide! DUN DUN DUUUUUN!

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