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You're a dog expert? Oh. Really? I'm not sure. But you will be when you take this quiz!

  • 1
    Why does a dog lick his nose?
    He has food on it.
    He's feeling anxious, or nervous.
    Sometimes, to wipe away old smells. Duh...
    It itches.
    Sometimes dogs have a swollen nasal passage, and they lick their noses.
  • 2
    Should you brush a wet dog?
    Yes. Doing so will help remove extra dead hair, it wil stick to the brush more easily.
    No, this might harm the oil glands in their skin.
    YES. This helps immensely with untangling hair before it dries, making your job easier
    No. Sometimes, your dog can develop dry or flaky skin after this.
    No, it might hurt ha ha ha
  • 3
    Which of the following food are poisonous to dogs?
    Overcooked beef
    Carrot tops
    Romaine hearts
  • 4
    Is bacon harmful to dogs?
    Yes. It contains Elitihoparen, a toxic chemical for canines.
    Only if your dog is prone to fevers.
    Uh... yes
    No. If it's cooked, it will be fine for dogs.
    Nope! It's fine even in large amounts.
  • 5
    There is something called Neuticals, which will make you dog look as if he is not neutered. Correct?
    No. Ew.
    Yes, but it was taken off the market in 2004.
    Yes, but they were discontinued because they left rashes on most dogs.
  • 6
    When a dog pulls back his lips, shows his teeth, pulls up his head, and stares at you, it means:
    He's sick.
    Watch out. You're invading my space, and if you don't back off, I might bite.
    I'm submissive
  • 7
    What don't you want listed in your dog's food ingredients?
    Bone meal
    Fish meal.
    Turkey hearts.
    Goat livers.
    Pork loins.
  • 8
    Can you give your dog a bone?
    I do!
    Only if you cook it.
  • 9
    Dogs are color blind
    Yes. Because their eyes have a flatter cornea, the color receptors aren't as strong.
  • 10
    Which dogs have webbed feet?
    Portuguese Water Dogs
    Springer Spaniel
    English setter

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