Are You A Good Bank Robber?

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  • 1
    What type of bank would you rob?
    A small in town bank.
    A large in town bank
    A small out of town bank
    A large out of town bank.
  • 2
    Who would you hire to assist you?
    Skilled people with less to lose than me.
    The best in the business I can hire.
    Whoever I can find.
    No one.
  • 3
    What weapons would you (and your team) use?
    Assault rifles with ammo to spare.
    Military grade assault rifles with special armor piercing rounds and a scope attachment.
    Big shotguns.
  • 4
    What mask would you (and your team) wear?
    The classic black ski-mask.
    Hair nets, contacts to change your eye color, fake facial features, and a voice changer.
    Paper bag with holes in it to see.
  • 5
    What would be your get-away vehicle?
    My car.
    A fast, unsuspicious van.
    An armored truck that can withstand any bullet.
    The fastest racing car on the market.
  • 6
    When robbing a bank, how do you make your entrance?
    Pay a hacker disable the security system and all the civilians phones, then walk in.
    Run through the front screaming and shooting.
    Sneak in through all sides and take them by surprise.
    Walk in and say "this is a robbery!"
  • 7
    What do you do with the hostages?
    Tie them all up.
    Corner them all together and have someone watch them.
    Execute the lot of 'em!
    Ignore them.
  • 8
    How do you get into the vault?
    Pay the hacker to also hack the digital lock.
    Try and hack the digital lock yourself.
    Threaten and execute the employees until someone opens it.
    Blow it open with C4.
  • 9
    You're in the vault, what do you do?
    Stuff the money into my pockets.
    Break into the safety deposit boxes and take what's inside.
    Take everything they got.
    Bag all of the banks unmarked cash until you reach your goal.
  • 10
    The police have compromised your original route to the get-away vehicle, what do you do?
    Turn the place into a war-zone, forcing your way to the get-away.
    Make a run through the nearest alleyway and continue through different once till you reach your get-away, killing any cop that can't be passed.
    Try to take the original route.
    Get to a manhole and sneak through the sewers to your get-away.
  • 11
    You've escaped and everyone made it, how do you pay your team?
    Trick them by making it seem like the score was a small one and give them small cuts.
    Kill them all and keep it for myself.
    Give them the cuts that they were promised, after having the money laundried.
    Give them their cuts of the same money you stole.
  • 12
    How are you going to spend your money?
    Immediately buy a new house, car, and jewelry to live in style.
    Save the money and use it for your next robbery.
    Wait a while and only buy things that won't call attention to myself.
    Spend it all on illegal items from the black market.

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