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An intermediate leveled quiz about Halo: Combat Evolved.

  • 1
    What is Master Chief's first objective?
    Find ammo for his Magnum
    Go to the Bridge
    Evacuate Marines
    Watch a crewman blow up
  • 2
    Why did the Pillar of Autumn land on Halo?
    To activate it
    It was the closest thing to land on
    To follow the Covenant
    To establish a base of operations
    To find the control room
  • 3
    How many escape pods are on the level "Halo",
    (including the one you crash in)?
  • 4
    What weapon does Captain Keys use after you free him from the Covenant holding cells?
    Plasma Pistol
    Plasma Rifle
    Assault Rifle
  • 5
    What is the "Cartographer"?
    The control room
    A map room
    An island
    A security room
  • 6
    What was Captain Keys looking for when he released The Flood?
    The Cartographer
    The control room
    Weapons cache
    The Flood
    The Library
  • 7
    Who was unable to get a hold of the Master Chief at the end of the level "343 Guilty Spark"?
    Foe Hammer
    Captain Keys
    343 Guilty Spark
    Sergeant Johnson
  • 8
    What did the Master Chief collect from the Library?
    The Table Of Contents
    The Book
    The Chapter
    The Epilogue
    The Index
  • 9
    On the level "Two Betrayals" the Master Chief neutralizes three generators. What kind of generators were they?
    Target Acquisition
    Communication Relay
    Perpetual Motion
  • 10
    What Power-Up is at the start of the level "Keys"?
    Active Camouflage
    Health Pack
  • 11
    What was the original plan to escape the Pillar of Autumn's self-destruct?
    Escape via Longsword Fighter
    Escape via Pelican
    Escape via Warthog
  • 12
    How many levels was the Master Chief without Cortana?
  • 13
    What was the Legendary ending?
    Watch 343 Guilt Spark fly away
    See Master Chief's face
    Grunts throw a birthday party
    Sergeant Johnson hugs an Elite
  • 14
    Which Marine never fired his weapon?
  • 15
    What was Halo designed to do?
    Give detailed coordinates to super weapons left behind by the Forerunners.
    Destroy the Covenant
    Kill The Flood
    Wipe the galaxy clean of all sentient life.
    Poison the atmosphere and purify the installation.

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Bryce H. ( 90.12 )
Posted 291 days ago
The quiz isn't the best. The question "What was Halo designed to do?" is a difficult one to answer. I believe that the ring was designed to kill the flood but the only way to kill the flood is to destroy it and its food supply.