What Sonic character are you?

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Everybody likes Sonic. If you don't then well, you should. In this quiz you find out what Sonic character you may or may not be.

  • 1
    If someone pushes you, what do you do?
    If someone pushes you, what do you do?
    Be polite.
    Punch them.
    Give them the death look.
    Threaten them.
    Get a friend.
  • 2
    Your favorite color is?
  • 3
    Do you have friends?
    I have no need for friends.
    A few, because I'm shy.
    A bunch!
    I got all the friends I need.
  • 4
    Do you like to fight?
    Only if I am told.
    Not much.
    If you hurt my friends, it's on!
    OH YEAH!
    Only if needed.
  • 5
    Favorite power if you had one?
    I need no abilities.
    I would like to summon weapons.
    Flight. OH YEAH!
    Strength. BOOYAH!
  • 6
    Do you like waiting?
    Noooooooooooo it's boring!
    Patience is key.
    Um...well it's okay.
    I wait for orders all the time.I have full patience in mental balance.
    Yeah I'd rather die.
  • 7
    Who do you adore?
    My idol!
    My wife/husband.
    My crush.
    My friends, and especially a pet.
    I adore no one.
  • 8
    Favorite creature?
    I like all creatures!
    Hedgehogs, foxes, echidnas...Animals!
    Enlightened beings.
    I love anything except evil><
    I personally think that pets are the best creature.Any pet at all.
  • 9
    Where do you like to be the most?
    Somewhere fun!
    Where my job takes place.
    I don't have a place to like the most.
    Anywhere with my love.
  • 10
    Any favorite foods?
    Anything really.
    Why waste my time?
    Something with chili on it.OwE
    Something spicy....
  • 11
    Do you have enemies?
    Erm...maybe...a bunch...
    Many attacks have been sent at me.
    Nope.I'm an angel.
    Not too many.Mostly friendly rivals.
  • 12
    How good are your looks?
    I have no need for such idiotic things.
    I have been called cute many times.
    Errrr....I dunno.
    I'm nothing but a hunk!
  • 13
    Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
    I'm planning a proposal!
    I...may have a crush.
    I absolutely adore someone!
    I have a wife/husband!
    I have no feelings for anyone.
  • 14
    Who is your favorite Sonic character?
    None. Sonic isn't my most favorite thing....
    I like villains like Shadow Dr. Eggman and Scourge.
    Just heroes like Sonic Tails and Knuckles.
    I love them ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!
    I like the cuties; Amy, Rouge, Cream...
  • 15
    Which one of these common skills do you have?
    Being FAB!
    Parkour and climbing is one of my specialties.
    I'm a bit of a fast jogger.
    Strength is key.
    Smarts are my thing!
  • 16
    What best describes you?
    Tough and epic!
    A unit with a serving coding.
    Smart but shy...
    Cocky but awesome!
    Cute and friendly!
  • 17
    Favorite game on the list?
    Ms.Pacman! Girl power!
    Pac-man coming through!
    Tetris.*crickets chirp*
    Punch-out! POW!
    Galaga.Fire all cannons!
  • 18
    What is your favorite game on THIS list?
    Sports are cool!
    Tag! I'm never caught!
    Yugioh! Lay out the cards!
    Hide n' seek!
  • 19
    Almost the end, did you like this quiz?
    It was great!^^
    Really cool!
    Yeah! It was great!
    It sucked.
  • 20
    Last question, who is your favorite Sonic character?

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