Which Character Would YOU Be In Jennifer A. Nielson's Ascendence Trilogy?

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We all love the books, but I always like to know who I'd be if I was magically transported into the story!

  • 1
    Let's say someone you know is about to do something really dumb that could get them seriously hurt. You:
    Jump in right alongside them. Isn't it your friend?
    Try to talk them out of it, then get a little frustrated if they won't listen.
    Sarcastically point out how stupid it would be, and in the process of trying to help, you end up losing your friend.
    Let them learn the lesson the hard way, after all, YOU won't be the one in trouble.
    Try to talk them out of it, then if that won't work, you go along to keep them safe.
  • 2
    You are in a situation of great personal danger. How do you protect yourself?
    Rush headfirst into the danger, killing everyone who stands in your way.
    Assume a secret identity.
    Pretend that you can't talk.
    Pay everyone to keep you safe.
    Be glad that it's you, not Jaron.
  • 3
    What do you do in your spare time?
    Practice with my sword.
    Do nice things for others.
    Duh! Play practical jokes on people.
    Check up on everyone and make sure they're doing their jobs.
    Count my money! There's just so much of it!
  • 4
    What color are your eyes?
    Leaf green
    Tea colored
    Dark brown
  • 5
    How do you solve problems?
    By tricking people.
    In any way that will benefit me.
  • 6
    If you are told that you have to lie or you will die, what do you do?
    Pretend to play along, then turn the tables so I win.
    No biggie, I'm good at lying. I do it all the time.
    Only if it will save someone else's life.
    I'd only do it to save my own life.
    I could never lie.
  • 7
    If something you did is going to make your best friend have to face a very difficult choice, you would:
    This doesn't apply. I don't have a best friend.
    I'd want to kill myself.
    Since they would probably hate me I'd move to another country.
    I'd do something very difficult for me. I would apologize and try to fix it.
    I'd make the decision for them.
  • 8
    What word best describes your personality?
  • 9
    Your enemy refused to cooperate. You:
    Try to talk them into it, but accidentally make them so angry that they want to kill you
    Torture them until they do.
    Try again.
    Kill them.
    Follow the order of the king.
  • 10
    Your favorite line from the series is:
    "Forgive me, but the King's order is the most reckless thing he's ever said, and we both know that's quite an accomplishment."
    "I never denied being a fool, that's the difference between us."
    "I fear the Devils no longer, for I have the worst of them right here in my own home!"
    "I knew you could lie Jaron, I just didn't think you'd lie to yourself."
    "I can't remember a minute since we met when I haven't been in love with you."I
  • 11
    Lastly, who is your favorite character?

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