What is your dream girl

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Want to know what kind of girl is your perfect match? Or you just board and want something to do. Well here you can see what your dream girl is.

  • 1
    Is this 100% for starters?
    Dose shemale count as girl?
    No my dream girl must be a robot: P
  • 2
    What visual features would you like best on this girl?
    All (Personality, Face, & Body) She is perfect
    Don't really care, I just want love <3
  • 3
    What Colour eyes will she have?
    Other (Contact lenses)
  • 4
    What colour hair will she have?
    Unnatural (Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Other)
  • 5
    What type of girl would she be?
    Happy, Bright, Loves nature and all things representing positivity
    Emo, Goth, Punk
    Mixed between all or some of these
  • 6
    What interests does she have?
    All or just 2-3 of these
  • 7
    What would be her good idea of a date?
    Movie theatre
    High end resonant
    None of these
    Day at the park
    Date at home
  • 8
    How often do you want sex with her?
    1-5 times a week
    10-15 times a week (WOW, must have sore balls after all that)
    Unlimited sex (Forever lasting pleasure)
    5-10 times a week
    Never (Your missing out)
  • 9
    She asks to have sex you say...
    "Can we add more people"?
    "If you're ready"
    "Have a think about what could happen if it go's wrong": O
    Not I'm busy
  • 10
    What's the number #1 thing you want her to be good at?
    Being herself
    Keeping you happy
    No listed
  • 11
    Just because I can, What do you want your answer to be?
    Anybody, I don't care
    Sassy girl that is good at being a bitch but makes you happy for some odd reason
    A girl that is always happy and cheerful and never let's peoples negativity get in her way. In other words, A walking emotion, Joy of course:)
    Shy, Unexpected, A girl that might have a slight bit of Emo in her.
    A girl that hates people technicality like my mum. Only likes people she is close to.
  • 12
    Rate this test, If you search for other tests like this you will probably notice that some questions I've got are different to all the other tests on the god dam Internet.
    3-5 It was okkk
    5-7 Cool, I Liked it
    10 A++
    7-9 Awesome, made me think hard
    1-3 Like any other test: P
  • 13
    Do you even have a girlfriend? I 100% know I did not when I was taking these tests. (Sorry if spelling is wrong btw. Not all keys on the keyboard respond all the time)
    Yes, She is a dream girl to me
    Don't know
    No, Just got out of relationship and I need to release who is actually worth it and not a fail like that past relationship I had: P
    Yes, She is not like a dream girl but I like her
    No, That's why I need to know what girl I can attract, So I can ask a girl like this out

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