♥Does He Like You♥

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All In The Title...

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    Are You Two Friends.....?♥
    No... I don't think he even knows me (try talking to him)
    We hang out in class
    Yea, we're pretty good friends.:)
    Definitely, he's one of my best friends!
    Well, we're more of acquaintances...
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    ♥Does he ever touch you?♥
    Every once in a while he'll "bump" into me...:)
    Yea, all the time!
    Sometimes he will touch my hair or arm or something like if he's trying to be funny
    No, he's kind of shy
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    Does he ever try to impress you....?♥
    All the time! 24/7
    Everyone once in awhile it seems like he does
    Yea; he'll talk about things he's done to make himself seem cooler
    I don't think so but maybe...
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    Who starts most conversations?♥♥♥
    We don't really talk too much...
    We're normally just in a group talking
    Always me...:(
    Almost always him
    Pretty much 50/50
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    ♥When you do talk, what is it about?♥
    School, Homework, ect.
    We talk about ourselves, things we like
    The most random stuff, we can to each other about a lot of things:)
    Sports, TV, ect.
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    When you talk where does he look?
    He doesn't look at me in the eye but I think it's because he's nervous because whenever we talk he looks away nervously
    Looking all over the room,
    He looks at your lips
    He is completely distracted!
    He looks straight into my eyes the whole time, sometimes he takes a second and looks down at the floor
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    Does he ever compliment you?♥
    A few times on my hair or clothes or something.
    He said I was cute, hot, pretty, ect. Once
    No sadly
    Yea! He always does...
    A few times
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    Now does he:) smile (: at you?♥
    Yea he always does and when he does he looks straight into my eyes
    Yea he smiles a lot but not too much
    He does sometimes, but it kinda feels likes he's just doing it to be nice
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    Do you ever catch him staring at you?♥
    Sometimes I catch him staring
    Nope not at all
    Not really maybe a few times
    Yea when he does he always gives me a cute smile or wave
    Yes but he looks away quickly
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    ♥♥♥Now, is your heart telling you he likes you?♥♥♥
    Honestly no...
    Yes I think he does for sure but every once in a while I question it
    Sometimes I do but sometimes I question it so 50/50
    Well my friends think he does but I don't think so
    Yes most definitely!

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