Does He Like You

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Take this test to find out if your crush or any guy in general has feelings for you

  • 1
    Do you two talk?
    He doesn't even know I exist
    All the time
    Once, but he asked me for something
    Just a little. But usually in class and nowhere else
    We do, but it's not all the time
  • 2
    When talking, does he look into your eyes?
    He did it once or twice
    Remember, he doesn't know I exist
    Yes all the time! (Unless we're texting)
  • 3
    Who usually starts the conversation?
    I start 75% of the time
    It's 50/50
    I always start, but sometimes he will
    We don't talk
    I always do
  • 4
    Does he ever tease you?
    All the time
    Yes, most of the time
    He picked on me once about my hair
    Yes, but not a lot
  • 5
    Does he ever get jealous when you talk to other guys?
    Most of the time.
    All of the time!
    He was jealous of my shoes once.
    He's done it once or twice but he hasn't really done it again
  • 6
    Has he ever given you a gift?
    He gives me things on special occasions and holidays
    Just on my birthday
    He gave me one when I asked for it
    He gives me little things all the time
  • 7
    Does he try to "take care" of you?
    Yes, but it's only happened once or twice
    He wrote me a get well soon card once
    Yes, but only when I'm doing or feeling really bad
    Yes, whenever I'm sick, he's always there
  • 8
    Does he do things that he doesn't like doing because you like doing them?
    Yes, but it's only happened once
    Yes, but he doesn't do it all of the time
    Yes, he always gives up his thing for my thing
  • 9
    Does he try to show off in front of you?
    No, whenever he sees me, he goes the other way
    Yes, but only at the things he knows he's good at
    Yes all the time!
    He shows off in front of everyone
    Yes, but it's usually in front of me and other people
  • 10
    Does he get nervous around you?
    No, most of the time he's pretty relaxed. He might stutter here or there
    Yes, but it's not all the time.
    Does him being nervous to ask me a question on the test count?
    Yes. He always stutters and fixes his hair
    No. I don't even talk to him

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