Is my Lord of the Rings OC a Mary Sue?

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Is your original character (OC) for Lord of the Rings a Mary Sue? What is a Sue? A Sue is a perfectly perfect, agonizingly annoying character. This is meant to be a helpful quiz! Remember to answer truthfully!

  • 1
    Here we go! First off, why did you create your character?
    I saw others doing it and I wanted to be in on the fun!
    I was bored/my friend asked me/dared me to.
    I didn't want the movies/books/both to end!
    I wanted to be in Lord of the Rings!
  • 2
    What does your character do/would do in fanfiction?
    I don't know!
    Have her own thing going!
    Join the Fellowship of the Ring!
    Be the ring bearer!
  • 3
    What does your character look like?
    More beautiful than the average being of her race.
    Normal for her race.
    So beautiful that every man loves her.
  • 4
    How long do you take to describe your character?
    Little bits and pieces throughout the story.
    I role play. Like, not even a full sentence.
    A couple of sentences.
    A paragraph (5 + sentences).
  • 5
    How many flaws does your character have?
    None! She's perfect! OR She has nothing good about her!
  • 6
    Your character sees a person lying by the side of the road, injured. What do they do?
    Whatever their personality would do.
    Help them and be lavishly rewarded for their kindness!
    Help them.
    Help them and be rewarded.
  • 7
    How many people hate your character?
    Haven't thought of any yet.
    Whoever disagrees with her.
    None! What's to hate about her?
  • 8
    How much romance is involved with your character?
    Every man is in love with her, and fights break out over her!
    Haven't gotten that far yet.
    One guy, possibly two, or none at all, because she needs no man.
    A few people like her, some fight over her.
  • 9
    Who is your character in love with?
    A character you created.
    Haven't thought of anyone yet.
    A less popular canon character, like Gimli or Pippin.
    A majorly popular canon character (such as, oh, I don't know...Legolas?)
  • 10
    How does your character meet this man?
    He saved her from the most horrible death imaginable!
    A strange way but not in any way life changing (like saving a life).
    Uh...they meet? On a street?
    One saved the other's life.
  • 11
    How often does your character need a heroic rescue?
    Um....never? At all?
    More than three times, even every battle!
    2-3 times.
  • 12
    How often does your character save the day?
    She is always there to save those who need it!
    Once or twice does something significant.
    Ah...never. She's minor.
    Maybe she saves her friends, but not usually anything significant at all.
  • 13
    How many canon characters is your character related to?
    Don't know yet.
  • 14
    Is your character's weapon named?
    A funny name.
    A good name.
    A wonderful name!
  • 15
    Does your character have special powers?
    More than two!
  • 16
    How good of a fighter is your character?
    Reasonably good.
    The BEST!
    Better than most people.
  • 17
    Can your character sing/play an instrument well?
    She's average.
    She's pretty good.
    She is amazing!
  • 18
    How does your character dress?
    Clothes fitting her rank/species.
    Beautiful clothes!
    She's always stunning!
    I don't know!
  • 19
    How often does your character get dirty?
    Ah...I don't know.
    REALLY dirty!
    NEVER gets dirty!
  • 20
    If your character is a Mary Sue, what will you do?
    Change her! I hate those things!
    You're just jealous because my character is better than you!
    Ah...I don't know?
    Change her!

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