Does he like you?

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Ok, trust me, I know what it's like to REALLY REALLY like someone! I feel so frustrated not having any clue if he likes someone else or what. You just wanna know something, right? Well, this is for you then!

  • 1
    How often do you two talk?

    I mean, does he talk to you a lot or what?
    We are really flirtatious, kinda in a friendly way though
    A TON, he just won't STOP talking to me sometimes!
    We talk like friends, I mean, we are friends!
    I always try to start a conversation, but he either ignores me, finds a way out, or something! Ughhhh
    We barely ever talk.
  • 2
    Have you ever even hinted that you like him? Has he ever hinted he likes you?
    I told him I like him, He told me that he likes me back, but does he really?
    I told him I like him
    He told me he does, but it was for a dare...
    I don't really talk to him
    We flirt a TON, but it's not just me that he flirts with...
  • 3
    How long have you known each other?
    I met him in the last week
    I can't remember, it's been so long.
    He doesn't know I exist *cry*
    I met him a few weeks ago
    I have known him for about a year
  • 4
    Do you have much in common?
    A lot of things!
    Some things
  • 5
    Is he attractive?
    I think he is really hot, I'm not the only one, but he is not super popular
    No, I like him for personality
    I met him online
    Yes, super hot, all the girls like him
    Not super hot, just mildly hot, but good enough for me
  • 6
    How attractive would you honestly say you are?
    9/10, but he's into personality
    I would rather not rate myself
    I'm a 10/10, all the guys love me
    0/10 I'M UGLYYYY
    I'm average, maybe a 6 or a 7/10
  • 7
    Are you in the friendzone?
    No, I think he hates me
    We get along fine but we never hangout.
    He doesn't notice me
    Yes, we have been friends for quite a long time
    Yeah, but we aren't super dooper close
  • 8
    Have you ever accidentally brushed up against him? Did you feel the spark.
    He holds me and hugs me and stuff, I feel the electricity, but I don't think he does.
    He doesn't even have to touch me for us to feel something. The air between seems to crackle.
    Yeah, we brushed accidentally and he started blushing a LOT, there also felt like there was a connection.
    No. I'm a nun... (JKJK, I just haven't touched him, ever)
    He is always holding my hands and stuff, but I don't feel anything...
  • 9
    Does he meet your gaze?
    I catch him staring at me and he looks away, shyly
    I look at him, when he catches me looking I look away, it never happens the other way around though...
    We spend quite a while staring at each other sometimes, until we realize other people are there too.
    If I catch him staring, he looks really guilty
    He looks at me just as much as everyone else, I don't think he looks at me more or anything
  • 10
    Does he seem to like someone else?
    No, he doesn't like anyone that I know of...
    He stares at some girls, flirts with other girls, stuff like that, but he doesn't express anything toward a one girl.
    I don't know him well enough to know/IDK!
    Yes, there is this girl...
    He's kind of a player, but that's the fun!
  • 11
    Do your friends approve?
    I haven't told anybody.
    Yes my friends and his friends ship us together.
    We have mutual friends and they have brought it up.
    My friends know I like him and they support me
    We are kind of a joke ship, like a "haha, that's cute, but it won't happen" thing.
  • 12
    How much do you like him?
    6-7/10, I think he's really cute
    8-9/10, I REALLY REALLY like him, but I won't die over it
    1/10, no really, I just like him for looks, or I am only a little bit interested
    10/10, I think I'm in love
    3-4/10, I can do without
  • 13
    Do YOU think he likes you?
    No, he probably likes someone else *cry*
    It's really obvious, I wish he would just say so
    He's a jerk to me, he might even have a girlfriend already.
    He admitted he like me
    Umm, well, we don't really talk...
  • 14
    (Last Question!)

    Do you have a squad?

    A squad = a clique
    His squad doesn't really like mine though
    He and I are in the same squad.
    Yeah, I'm the leader, we are a popular squad.
    I am kind of a loner.
    Yeah, I feel left out of my squad though...

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