Does He Like You?

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  • 1
    How long have you known each other?
    2 years
    Over 5 years
    6 months to a year
    A few months or weeks
    3-4 years
  • 2
    Do you chat online when you're not with each other?
    Yes! All the time, we chat on the daily.
    Every once in a while, but not every day.
    No, we aren't at that point in our relationship.
    Sometimes, less times than more.
    No way! Only in my dreams.
  • 3
    Has he ever complimented you? Ex. I like your hair, your shirt is cool.
    Almost everytime I see him!
    Sometimes, but in a casual way.
    Every now and then, on days I look extra nice.
    Maybe once or twice.
    Not at all, he doesn't really say anything to me
  • 4
    Does he make up nicknames for you? Does he keep them?
    He has made some up, but they usually don't last very long.
    Yes! He has this one name for me he always calls me!
    If he does, it would be a mean one to make fun of me.
    He has given me a nickname once or twice but never repeats it.
    No, he doesn't call me by a nickname ever
  • 5
    If he is with his friends, will he every say "Hey (your name), smile, or wave at you?
    He never has done any of those things.
    Once in a blue moon he will smile at me or acknowledge me.
    He has flashed me a smile or a wave once or twice before.
    He may say "hey" or give me a wave every now and then.
    He does all 3 just about every time he sees me!
  • 6
    Does he ever flirt or attempt to flirt?
    Yes! All the time, he is always doing something to get my attention.
    Somewhat, he has flirted before, and does it quite a bit.
    Maybe once or twice he has flirted with me.
    He never has before but he might.
    He never has and never will.
  • 7
    Has he...
    Kissed/ Hugged you
    Held your hand/ touched you purposefully
    Brushed against you
    None of these
    All of these!
  • 8
    Is he currently dating someone?
    Yes, they are happy ;(
    No, but he doesn't want to date right now:/
    No, but I don't know who he likes
    Yes, but they will break up soon
    No:) and seems to like me
  • 9
    How much do you guys have in common?
    A few things, more things than not
    Less things than more
    Nothing really maybe 1 or 2 things
    I don't know what he likes
    A lot! We are almost the same person!
  • 10
    How often do you see each other?
    Just about every day in school and out.
    In school, but not a lot
    Only a few times a week.
    Only in school, but we see each other quite a bit there.;
    1-3 times a month.
  • 11
    When you talk, what is it mostly about?
    Small talk about whatever is going on.
    School work/ non- personal things.
    Just about anything in our lives, we can be very open to each other
    We don't talk
    Some personal things, but a lot of school/ what we are doing topics.
  • 12
    What do you know about him?
    I know important details like his family and favorite things, but not everything.
    Does his dog's name count? Favorite color? Very little.
    Just the basics, things he likes, simple facts ect.
    I know almost nothing about him.
    So much! Things from his family to favorite things and personal stuff!
  • 13
    How much does he know about you?
    The basics
    The big facts, but not the more small details
    Just about everything!
    A little bit, one or two things.
    Not anything at all really.
  • 14
    Do you catch him stealing looks at your or staring?
    Maybe once or twice.
    Yes! All the time! He can't keep his eyes off me!
    Once in a while, but not a lot.
    Every now and then I see him do it.
  • 15
    Final question! Be honest, do you think he likes you?
    I'm pretty sure, still have some doubts.
    Not 100%, but I think a little.
    I don't know that's why I'm taking this quiz!
    Not at all.
    Totally! I just know it

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