Am I Bisexual? (girls only)

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10 Questions - Developed by: Beth xD - Developed on: - 178.606 taken - User Rating: 4.42 of 5.0 - 19 Votes

Ever wondered if you're bisexual? Take this text to find out!

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    Have you ever kissed another girl?
    No, but I want to
    Yes, and I liked it!
    Yes but it felt wrong
    No, and I don't want to

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Allie ( 2.202 )
Posted 14 days ago
Needs to be more options like just plain out "no"...
Emma ( 61.46 )
Posted 16 days ago
I know I'm definitely bisexual, but I don't know if anyone would support me
Iknowimbi ( 9.157 )
Posted 23 days ago
I already know I'm bi needed confirmation can't tell mom or dad and sister cause I'm Christine but Mt grandparents and my aunt know that I am bi
Idk ( 30.89 )
Posted 51 days ago
Idk ( 30.89 )
Posted 51 days ago
It says I'm bicurios. I like my best friend but she is dating another girl. Idk what to to. I have to keep this a secret to because I already get billed at school.
Nina ( 2.184 )
Posted 60 days ago
Thanks and I am proud to be bisexual. I took this quiz just to make sure. I can't tell anyone though cuz everyone will judge me cuz I am Catholic:/ . Only my best friend and I know. We both like each other but don't know what to do. Any advice ?
Person ( .1.79 )
Posted 74 days ago
Where's the "yes" option I don't have a preference to who I kiss
megan ( 0.102 )
Posted 82 days ago
ive had so much problems in high school with all this but i am bi people are just direspectful to me coz im bi xx
Lesbianxx ( 3.125 )
Posted 95 days ago
I'm bi😍Add me on snapchat lesbxx1
Reagan Sperrazza ( 6.101 )
Posted 107 days ago
G- Gay
B- Bisexual
Sam Larrance ( 15.82 )
Posted 131 days ago
I got bisexual, but honestly bi-romantic should have been there. (When you are romantically attracted to both men and women, but only sexually attracted to guys)
Regina ( 15.97 )
Posted 149 days ago
LGBT is lesbian gay bisexual transgender

I think
Samyya ( 17.56 )
Posted 156 days ago
What in the world is a "LGBT"???!!!!!!??? ( 81.37 )
Posted 173 days ago
It sets I'm bicurous or bisexual, idk, I'm emotionally confused..
M.E. ( 1.254 )
Posted 210 days ago
It says I am bisexual
KELLY ( .94.4 )
Posted 211 days ago
Millie ( .56.8 )
Posted 211 days ago
Bisexual. I'd, really. Always more into girls, but there's still a boy lingering in the background 😂😳
Emmy ( 8.130 )
Posted 212 days ago
What happens if you have no sexual desire?
Neysa Clark ( 1.112 )
Posted 234 days ago
I do tend to have dreams sometimes but not all of the time. I prefer guys and I don't think I would kiss a girl or date one. Maybe I'm lying to myself? I don't really care.
Glore ( 8.119 )
Posted 257 days ago
It says I'm Bi. So true. I already know, was just doing this for fun. I'm more into girls but have a boyfriend. Three ways? Hehehe