Am I Bisexual? (girls only)

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Ever wondered if you're bisexual? Take this text to find out!

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    Have you ever kissed another girl?

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Human (26473)
67 days ago
I have a crush on a girl at my school and I was shocked when I realized it. So I was literally taking quizzes all day and all of them said I was a lesbian. I’m really scared to tell my mom because she always says whenever something like that is brought up that “the Bible mentions that it’s not right” or “it’s two of the same thing, it’s not natural”. And I just know she doesn’t support it. When I was little I always told her, “we have certain unalienable rights, among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If this is what makes these people happy, then there is nothing wrong with that. Also God tells you to love your neighbor as yourself. So really if you hate someone because of who they like then you are sinning way more than they are.” And I had no idea why I defended them so much. I’m really scared to tell her, does anyone have any suggestions or encouragement?
grace (64373)
76 days ago
I started questioning 2 months ago. I took soooo many quizzes but in the end it's how you feel. There's nothing wrong with being a part of LGBTQ+ community, I'm officially bi and I've told 7 people. If anyone asks now I'm going to say I'm bi. If you our worried about telling people, don't be!! It's okay and if they don't accept it then they don't need to be a part of your life, I'm rly lucky, my cousin is bi and has been for 3 years so I'm telling her tomorrow and I know she's gonna help me!!!
Mims (73393)
76 days ago
KC if u get intrusive thoughts and are feeling anxious about ur sexuality u may have OCD. Look up HOCD. And no it doesn't mean u are bi if u think a girl is pretty or even hot!
Annon (29479)
79 days ago
Took this quiz because i used to think i was Bi in grade 9 and i saw this chick and well lowkey feels for ... quiz says im Bi . I'm 19 now but i'm so congused and scared as my parents are against the LGBTQ community :(
Donna (90282)
81 days ago
I really think that Im bi though Im actually straight. I just think in the future that I'll be enjoying the company of a woman. Though there's really nothing wrong with it, actually looking forward to it
uhhhh (06357)
82 days ago
Ashleigh if you still read this I know how you feel!
Ashleigh (15383)
82 days ago
I’m 13 and I think I’m bi and this test said I’m bi and I think I kind of like my bff but the thing is our friendship group has an inside joke where they ship us and I go along with it but I kind of like her but she is straight and I don’t want to tell my friends and family but I don’t want them to look at me differently and I’m scared and I want to tell someone but I don’t know ahhhh
uhhhh (90623)
82 days ago
bisexual. my parents are homophobic. im only 11 and in 7th grade. never dated anyone before. i've known i was something that wasn't straight for a couple years now but thanks to this test i know im bisexual!
Alyssa (28242)
83 days ago
I told some of my friends that I was bisexual but I wasn't sure, today I am so GLAD that I took this test cuz now I know that I'm defiantly not lying! Im only 12 years and in 7th grade! I have had other friends in the past that have been lesbian or bisexual and have told me feelings, I would have no idea what to say so I tell them "lets just be friends" but they would still show it. I have dated a girl before but she treated me like a💗toy... My other friend is also Bisexual and I think I should ask her out, what do you think I should do?
bi and certain (64373)
84 days ago
so im bi and I've known for just over a month, I've told 5 people and all have been really supportive!! I'm just realising how hard it must be to tell if you've never kissed a girl or done anything my tip is have a party/ go to a party and suggest u play spin the bottle. Wait a bit then kiss a girl like snog or tongue or whatever and no one will say anything bc it's just a game. (Maybe get some alcohol in and pretend to be pissed)
Hailey (89605)
84 days ago
Says I may be bi
But in my heart I know I'm lesbian
But like
All you straight ppl
You do you lol
Max (92261)
85 days ago
So im 14 and its says im bicurious. It feels true but idk.
Bi I guess (77860)
86 days ago
For the past few months I think my sexuality has changed, people in my year have been coming out n I've started to like another bi girl she has no idea n I've always thought I was straight because I want a family and kids and a man, I have 2 male crushes and 2 female crushes I'm so confused I like him so much amd we flert the other male crush likes someone else the bi girl I like dosnt really know me and the other crush is my best friend and I love her to prices but I don't think she likes girls I'm so confused the test said I'm bi I'm pretty sure it's true but my family is super homophobic I could never tell them they would laugh there asses off and tell me to reconsider 😐😐 help??
Idk (62513)
86 days ago
I'm 13 and really confused I think I like my kinda bestie and desperately want to kiss her IDK can I tell her she seems straight
SH (66173)
86 days ago
I came out to my best friends today and told them I am bi and they were so supportive my bestie said she wasn't sure of her sexuality and said she would fall in love with whomever but the only problem is I have wanted to date and kiss her all year I am not lesbian coz I have felt the same about guys but this is way different! At least she doesn't know I like her...
Mel (41871)
88 days ago
Ok I was straight as far as I know but I met this girl who everyone thinks is trans or a guy bc she has really short hair and never wears makeup and I think I like her romantically but almost all of the people I've told keep telling me that I'm just mistaking her for a guy. Makes no sense because I've never seen her as a guy but I'm just really confused help
KC (05076)
90 days ago
I have had crushes on guys only all my life but 4 years ago thought a random girl was pretty and in me head described her as hot but not in a romantic or sexual way. I have never felt sexually or romantically about a girl but algae been worried ever since as to what that thought meant? I have taken tests which say I am straight but am still feeling anxious. What does this make me?
Shiitake (92092)
90 days ago
Ok I'm pretty sure I'm bi, I've never kissed a guy but I did kiss 2 girls one of which was my experimental gf and it felt off but I didn't really enjoy HER as a gf. And now I'm in love with my bff who doesn't know what she is and she keeps telling me about her crush winking at her and stuff and I want to rip his throat out
Catnip (26482)
97 days ago
I remember in the 1st grade I was comforting my friend, who was crying. As I was hugging her, I had the fuzzy temptation to kiss her. Although i HAVE had crushes on guys (Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith, Bender, Tace my school friend...), I feel attracted to girls. help.
Ripper (87495)
100 days ago
Maze Runner Fan Girl
YES!! I FINALLY HAVE SOMEONE TO RELATE TO IN MY FANDOM!! Also idek what I want so would I technically be queer