Am I Bisexual? (girls only)

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10 Questions - Developed by: Beth xD - Developed on: - 437.927 taken - User Rating: 4 of 5.0 - 30 Votes

Ever wondered if you're bisexual? Take this text to find out!

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    Have you ever kissed another girl?
    No, and I don't want to
    Yes but it felt wrong
    Yes, and I liked it!
    No, but I want to

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Louise ( 89800 )
Posted 229 days ago
It said I'm bi-curious but then it just flat out said I was bisexual...?
Well, am I bi-curious or bisexual! Not very reliable :/
It'sROSAAA ( 34296 )
Posted 235 days ago
I am pretty sure I am 100% bi and u just came out of the closet but,I still wanted to do this test anyway ๐Ÿ˜‚
Anonymous ( 73884 )
Posted 264 days ago
It seems that at least half of this test is about BEHAVIOR and not ATTRACTION. And it's got other issues as well.... Yeah, I know it's "just a test," but it seriously could be more reliable.
Leah ( 18965 )
Posted 268 days ago
Ok this quiz is ๐Ÿ’—. It's supposed to tell you if you are bi or not . I'm really don't know and I'm looking for actual help
Anonymous k ( 43570 )
Posted 277 days ago
I like a girl but I can't tell her or any of my friends cause they would make fun of me only my sis knows. I really want to tell her but I don't know if she straight or bisexual
Robin ( 13725 )
Posted 297 days ago
I think I'm bi but I'm more attracted to girls , so even though I say I'm bi , does this mean I could be gay? I just don't want to look like one of those people who say they are one thing, but are truly another.
Florence ( 56044 )
Posted 298 days ago
On no. 6 it says 'I like girls and guys equally' but you don't have to like those two genders EQUALLY to be bi... By the way I'm bi curious I think
Ellie ( 41363 )
Posted 307 days ago
I got bicurious and bisexual what does that mean
Anna ( 85664 )
Posted 309 days ago
Ash ( 10729 )
Posted 331 days ago
Some of these questions I can't answer because my answer Is not there.For the ones that say"if a attractive __ asked you put would you say __" I would say no to both.But for the male one,it didn't just have plain no.I would never just go on a date with a random attractive guy,nor girl.
Eva ( 28862 )
Posted 333 days ago
I knew it im bi I know because my face always turns red around my friend Estrella , and my other friend jackcop !!!
hahah ( 41398 )
Posted 336 days ago
Yes they can, a girl can like both genders and a boy can like both genders.
emma ( 94776 )
Posted 337 days ago
cant both male and females be Bisexual
tina ( 40875 )
Posted 355 days ago
I'm bisexual
I don't know if people will accept me the way I am
but I'm really proud
:-) ;-)
Allie ( 76102 )
Posted 371 days ago
Needs to be more options like just plain out "no"...
Emma ( 71634 )
Posted 373 days ago
I know I'm definitely bisexual, but I don't know if anyone would support me
Iknowimbi ( 43405 )
Posted 380 days ago
I already know I'm bi needed confirmation can't tell mom or dad and sister cause I'm Christine but Mt grandparents and my aunt know that I am bi
Idk ( 02330 )
Posted 407 days ago
Idk ( 02330 )
Posted 407 days ago
It says I'm bicurios. I like my best friend but she is dating another girl. Idk what to to. I have to keep this a secret to because I already get billed at school.
Nina ( 73329 )
Posted 416 days ago
Thanks and I am proud to be bisexual. I took this quiz just to make sure. I can't tell anyone though cuz everyone will judge me cuz I am Catholic:/ . Only my best friend and I know. We both like each other but don't know what to do. Any advice ?