Am I Bisexual? (girls only)

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Ever wondered if you're bisexual? Take this text to find out!

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    Have you ever kissed another girl?

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andy (19274)
47 days ago
(f 14) I have a boyfriend but I think I might be into girls too... is this bad? I can't tell it I'm bisexual or pansexual I'm thinking more on the pan side but I feel ashamed.
Ava (19450)
49 days ago
Im 14 and confused about my sexuality. I have had a boyfriend, and kissed a girl, please help me!!
Faith (67886)
50 days ago
I'm 17, soon to be 18 and yet still, I constantly doubt myself in this matter. I believe that I am bi. I have had several crushes on girls, but I have only ever dated one guy for about two years. At one point in time I was so sure of myself that I came out to my mother and she didn't believe me, because she said I loved my boyfriend too much to be able to love girls like that too. I don't quite understand the logic of having to love your partner less in order to like both genders, almost as if you have to make less room in your heart for one in order to hold the other there too. I know it's silly but her opinion is a lot of what makes me doubt this, even though her reasoning is so irrational, her lack of support and belief makes it hard for me to believe myself somehow. That was a lot to share just now. But it wears me down.
Random person (01343)
51 days ago
BI AND I AM PROUD OF IT!!!!!! -Dabs-
Jj (16111)
51 days ago
I'm 13 and I'm bisexual g
Jayanna (52166)
51 days ago
Sara (80240)
51 days ago
Oh! And hopefully my comment was helpful for people who are doubting themselves. 😊😆🤗
Sara (80240)
51 days ago
The perfect age for a person to confirm their sexuality is the age of 13. So yeah......just wanted to say that and adding this for no reason, I am bisexual.
anonymous (07327)
52 days ago
I've been questioning if I am bi for a long time because I have a big crush on one of my best friends but it's the only time I've been attracted to a girl and I have had crushes on boys all my life. I thought she liked me too and I asked her but she denies it so maybe she's just lying (she's really shy about a lot of stuff like this) or maybe she actually doesn't like me. But I was really sure she was lgbt, maybe sh just doesn't know right now. But she's always flirting with me and making it seem like she totally likes me. I don't know. I have to vent........... aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh
questioning (89272)
53 days ago
ughhh im so confused as to whether or not im bi bc ive never had a crush on a girl but i feel like i could totally fall in love for one if i found the right person but im just doubting myself so much
help me out (62687)
53 days ago
I don't know if i'm bi I liked this boy for a while but I also liked this girl and i'm so confused (13)
Depressed (05869)
53 days ago
I've been thinking I was bi for a while because I have a crush on my two friends a boy and girl and I took this quiz to tell me and it said I was bi so I know she is and she likes me so tomorrow I'm asking her out I know I was bi though
Viki (69597)
55 days ago
I’m bi and I’ve knew it for years (im 15 btw) my mum and nan have always talked bout that stuff as something disgusting but a month or two ago I told my nan and she accepted it even know she didn’t ever bring that topic up agai but I’m still happy cuz I told her. Trust me it’s so much better to tell someone you trust than just hide forever under a blanket of lies 🙃🙃
Confuzzled (17974)
55 days ago
I’m 11 so I’ve never been in a relationship... I’ve never had like a crush on a girl but I’ve seen girls before and thought they were... idk but I’m not sure if I’m bi and I need help and my sister is lesbian and she thinks I might be bi... what should I do????
Kayley (03351)
55 days ago
I'm bisexual I've known for a year now but I was doubting it because I haven't really found a girl I'm interested in, in a couple months. I am dating a male at the moment. We've been dating for a month since Jan 19th 2018. :). I'm 12 btw
Al (19591)
56 days ago
Im trying to find out if im bi or just curious... ive always known ive liked guys but ive only ever kissed girls. Im very confused if i like girls. Im attracted to them but not in the same way as guys. Yet thinking about kissing a girl is more of what i like. Im 15 btw.
Eileen (53519)
56 days ago
I know I am not straight, really. I want to have relationships with boys or girls, doesn't bother me. By the way, I am 14.
-blank- (28343)
59 days ago
I'm bisexual btw sorry i didn't clarify
But my father and mother would throw me out if they knew
-blank- (28343)
59 days ago
I'm 16 I have a huge crush on my best friend who has always been there for me she's amazing and I can't tell her and my parents would kill me I can't wait till I move out mabye this will all make sense I've known for years but I haven't came out
Emma (16694)
59 days ago
Bicurious. Interesting.