Am I Bisexual? (girls only)

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Ever wondered if you're bisexual? Take this text to find out!

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    Have you ever kissed another girl?

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Florence (56044)
350 days ago
On no. 6 it says 'I like girls and guys equally' but you don't have to like those two genders EQUALLY to be bi... By the way I'm bi curious I think
Ellie (41363)
359 days ago
I got bicurious and bisexual what does that mean
Anna (85664)
361 days ago
Ash (10729)
383 days ago
Some of these questions I can't answer because my answer Is not there.For the ones that say"if a attractive __ asked you put would you say __" I would say no to both.But for the male one,it didn't just have plain no.I would never just go on a date with a random attractive guy,nor girl.
Eva (28862)
385 days ago
I knew it im bi I know because my face always turns red around my friend Estrella , and my other friend jackcop !!!
hahah (41398)
388 days ago
Yes they can, a girl can like both genders and a boy can like both genders.
emma (94776)
389 days ago
cant both male and females be Bisexual
tina (40875)
407 days ago
I'm bisexual
I don't know if people will accept me the way I am
but I'm really proud
:-) ;-)
Allie (76102)
423 days ago
Needs to be more options like just plain out "no"...
Emma (71634)
425 days ago
I know I'm definitely bisexual, but I don't know if anyone would support me
Iknowimbi (43405)
432 days ago
I already know I'm bi needed confirmation can't tell mom or dad and sister cause I'm Christine but Mt grandparents and my aunt know that I am bi
Idk (02330)
459 days ago
Idk (02330)
459 days ago
It says I'm bicurios. I like my best friend but she is dating another girl. Idk what to to. I have to keep this a secret to because I already get billed at school.
Nina (73329)
468 days ago
Thanks and I am proud to be bisexual. I took this quiz just to make sure. I can't tell anyone though cuz everyone will judge me cuz I am Catholic:/ . Only my best friend and I know. We both like each other but don't know what to do. Any advice ?
Person (33743)
482 days ago
Where's the "yes" option I don't have a preference to who I kiss
megan (11931)
491 days ago
ive had so much problems in high school with all this but i am bi people are just direspectful to me coz im bi xx
Reagan Sperrazza (45703)
516 days ago
G- Gay
B- Bisexual
Sam Larrance (78514)
540 days ago
I got bisexual, but honestly bi-romantic should have been there. (When you are romantically attracted to both men and women, but only sexually attracted to guys)
Regina (89779)
557 days ago
LGBT is lesbian gay bisexual transgender

I think
Samyya (75576)
564 days ago
What in the world is a "LGBT"???!!!!!!???