Am I Bisexual? (girls only)

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Ever wondered if you're bisexual? Take this text to find out!

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    Have you ever kissed another girl?

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strawberry (24157)
51 days ago
idk anymore ive taken soo many quizes but none of them help if anyone out there that has tried a quiz wich gives the right answer plz tell me
Why me?!?!?!?! (08538)
52 days ago
Yass I'm 12 too but I'm kind of scared because nobody knows and I'm afraid to tell my parents and I'm afraid that my friend won't accept me if I tell them please help! :'(
Hailey (20159)
53 days ago
Yea they got it right im hella bi
Aracelis (49255)
56 days ago
Im not sure if im bisexual or just bi curious. No matter which one i am i still can't date. Im only 12. I know i probably shouldnt be taking this quiz because well like i said im only 12. But i really need help and i cant go to my family because they dont know that i like guys/girls. All the test i take say different things. if you can help me please do i would really appreciate it.
Nari (04821)
57 days ago
It says I'm straight with bisexual tendencies. I have found a girl attractive and thought of myself dating one. It's also confusing for me even more because when I watch **** the les category is the only thing that actually turns me on. But I swear I'm straight
Blah (86367)
58 days ago
I don’t get it! I can only imagine myself in a relationship with a guy but the idea of having💗with one completely disgusts me, I’m totally fine with having with a girl but uncertaint on the relationship part ;m; ahhh please help!
Heather (54780)
58 days ago
Wow this is the first quiz that has given me an honest answer and now I know how to figure out my sexuality!!
idkhelp (17717)
58 days ago
I don’t know if i’m lesbian! I’ve only ever been with guys (not sexually though) but most of my friends are lesbian. i can see myself dating a woman but not having💗with one. but i can also see myself dating a boy and having💗with them. help!!!
lesbianOrBi (70696)
60 days ago
Well i have kissed a friend(girl) when we were 10 and i liked it i still think about it im 16 now and i dont know if im bi because i know that im sexualy attracted to girls and guys but i can only think about being in relationship with a guy do i still count bi if i dont want reletioships with girls or bi curious
jsizzle (45511)
66 days ago
this being the comment section
jsizzle (45511)
66 days ago
I love how positive this is
jsizzle (45511)
67 days ago
thanks so much @ Jen ill totally do that
Any advice (18256)
68 days ago

So I'm confused on what my sexuality is. I don't think I have ever actually had a crush on a girl but I sometimes find there breasts distracting. Of course I'm in middle school so all the boys are underdeveloped more so than the girls and ugly. But I have also had plenty of rigged on giys
Jen (29862)
68 days ago
Hey Jsizzle,
I personally feel the same way. Like on some days Im like wow im so gay, then the next day im all about guys?
I think it might be helpful for you to not go into relationships with people you dont find attractive in the first place. If you kiss anyone you dont feel attracted to there wont be any sparks simply because you didnt already have a desire/want to kiss them
It may be better to just experiment with people you find attractive and see what happens and decide whether it was something you liked or not.

Or maybe think about it as a percent.
How often do you find yourself thinking/staring at a girl you find attractive?
How often do you find yourself thinking/staring at a guy you find attractive?

I just try to acknowledge when I realize that its happening, like "oh yeah i was just checking that girl out.."

This was long and idk i hope it was helpful? :D
- same Jen from the other long recent comments lol
girly girl (45511)
68 days ago
hey btw guys if this quiz says ur bi dont just go and come out to people until ur 100% certain. u'll just know when ur ready.
jsizzle (45511)
68 days ago
heres where it gets tricky for me and if anyone wants to help thats chill. (im 16 btw) Sometimes I feel really gay and sometimes I feel really straight but I've been in two relationships with guys and I didn't enjoy them. one relationship the guy wanted to go super far and I went pretty far (3rd) and I hated it. I would constantly lie and say I was on my period or I wasn't in the mood. the other relationship I hated making out with the dude. but then I didn't find the second guy attractive so idk. like both relationships were rushed into so like idk if its a circumstantial occurrence or like hey ur gay sort of thing. also I thought I had a crush on my best friend (thats a girl) but have since realized I dont so idk and I once made out with a girl when I was tipsy and it was fun I think but I dont remember lolz
jen (29862)
69 days ago
Im commenting again lol. For those of you worried about how to come out.
I know a lot of people don't really want to do the whole dramatic sit down the family thing so maybe when you have a date just slip it into normal conversation.
for example you woud normally tell people about a date slip it in without making it a big deal.
ex) I have a date later with the cute girl from the mall.
I think when you normalize it like this it opens up the conversation without being extra and then you dont shock them when you bring home a girl or a guy or just girls from then on.

jen (29862)
69 days ago
Hey, to all of you felling confused or think you may be are bi, its ok. Don't go and tell your family unless you are 100% sure, because as a teenager your parents might write it of as "just a phase".
Im 18, i may be bi, and maybe im not? Ive been debating this for a few years now, and im fine with not labelling myself until i feel like i know. All i know is that as a kid i liked boys and it was always boys. I used to think that bisexual meant you liked boys and girls equally but while that may be true for some people, that isnt true for other bi people. Ive learned that even if you only find that you want to date girls 20% and guys 80% of the time, you are still in the bisexual spectrum.

Its ok to not know. Its ok to not identify with anything. YOU do NOT need to "come out" or label yourself. You get to make your own choices.

LABELS are to make other people comfortable. You are more important than some strangers opinion.

sorry this got preachy lmao :D
xoxo- happy holidays
Jennifer (97238)
72 days ago
I’m 14 and have been in one serious relationship with a boy and it didn’t end well but lately I have been attracted to both Boys and Girls and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I should tell my family and friends. One of my best friend’s is part of the LGBTand she hasn’t told her family. Also I have another friend who is part of the LGBT community and is coming out at Christmas to her family. But I don’t know what to do I don’t even know for sure if I am bisexual I have just been thinking about it lately. I don’t know what to do and if I should tell my family and friends?

Any advice?
Name123 (17512)
73 days ago
I’m 14 and have had 1 serious boy relationship, I know I am definitely attracted to boys a lot and would do things with a boy but part of me is intrigued by girls, I’ve not had a girlxgirl experience before but don’t know what to do, experiment? But my friends might be against it even if they don’t show and my dad makes too many jokes against it. Idk what to do