Does he like you?

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  • 1
    How long have you known each other?
    A year or so
    A couple weeks maybe..
    We just met...
    We grew up together
    A couple months
  • 2
    When you see each other what happens?
    You smile first and he gives a smirk back
    He pretty much ignores you or isn't paying attention
    He waves first but keeps walking
    You smile first and he waves
    You see each other and end up hanging out for the time you have
  • 3
    How often do you talk?
    He starts the conversation and talk almost the whole period
    You start the conversation and he gladly carries it on
    He only asks for help with work
    Rarely or we never have (smh)
    Every day we go out of the way to talk even between classes
  • 4
    Does he tease you or mess around?
    He teases me and waits to see my reaction
    Sometimes but rarely
    No, We aren't really that close...
    Yeah he's a really dumb, but I tease him back (;
    Omg I can't keep him off me and he always make fun of me!
  • 5
    When you talk what do you talk about?
    We talk about the girl he likes (SMH)
    We talk about the work he needs help with
    Sometimes we talk about random things but not much
    We talk about pretty much everything even stupid things
    We talk about each other and he compliments me the whole time
  • 6
    Does he talk about other girls or his crush?
    Yes whenever a girl walks by he always comments about her -.-
    Rarely when a girl is super pretty
    Yeah like about who he thinks is pretty
    Only his friends and what they do
    Never he doesn'’t even look at other girls when he's with me
  • 7
    What does he do when you talk about others guys? Does he get jealous?
    He gets mad but stays quiet and listens to you and also talks about others girls to get you jealous
    He doesn’t seem to care that much but asks lots of questions
    He says "Oh you guys would be a good couple."
    He gets super mad and tries to make himself look better then them!
    He just rolls his eyes and talks about other things
  • 8
    Have you guys ever made any type of contact?
    He's all over me and tries to hold my hand and everything!
    Pretty much dabs me up and keeps walking
    An occasional hug but rarely anything else
    He touches me when he's messing around and always makes sure to hug me
    Never or when I do he just looks at me
  • 9
    How are his friends around you?
    They look at me but nothing else
    They look and kindly say hi
    They see me and laugh and just wave
    They don't really know who I am
    They see me smile, And start teasing him and pushing him towards me its kinda weird
  • 10
    How often do you make eye contacts, what's his body language?
    Rarely make eye contact and he doesn’t care how he looks around me
    He always stares at me and tries to groom himself a lot
    We look at each other a lot he tries to be cool about it
    He catches me staring and seems a little weirded out or doesn’t really care
    When we talk he looks at me and he's pretty relaxed

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