Which LOST character would you date?

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  • 1
    It has been two weeks on the island and people are starting to form relationships with each other. You...
    I am too busy trying to help people in need and lead the group! No time for socializing!
    Try to know everyone's name by the end of the day! I want to see who I trust and don't trust
    Keep to yourself and wait for others to come to you.
  • 2
    Before the island, you were always interested in...
    The lead singer in the band... "You All Everybody!"
    The serious one who is a bit of a hot-head, but you can't get him out of your mind.
    The mysterious one who keeps quiet but it complex inside.
  • 3
    The smoke monster is after you. You and a few others are trying to make it back to camp. For now you...
    Help the others and the injured ones get back to camp safely even if that means you get hurt yourself!
    RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Every man for himself
    Hide in a bamboo patch in the woods trying to stay silent... (it finds you anyway)
  • 4
    The others have found your camp and you have access to all of the weapons. You...
    Find every weapon, give one to everyone, and SHOOT, STAB, and FIGHT! No time to think!
    Find a hiding spot and take time to think before you act. It will pay off.
    Run into the ocean... I am not good at fighting...
  • 5
    No drama with anyone on the beach and no monsters are chasing you for now. Everything has settled down. You...
    Read your favorite book. And maybe later, try to flirt with the island hotty
    Decide to set out on a quest to explore the island even though you have been recovering from an injury
    Play you guitar or sing your heart out! It relaxes you
  • 6
    When you are scared or sad you need...
    A witty comment to make you laugh
    A slap in the face and tough love, without the love.
    A bear hug and comfort from someone you really trust
  • 7
    Off the island, your favorite TV show was...
    I prefer reading
    Grey's Anatomy
    I loved everything MTV had to offer!
  • 8
    The reason for being on Flight 815 would be...
    Going to a concert to see my favorite band!
    Going to see family... Ugh
    A lie that you are going on a business trip to get away from work for awhile
  • 9
    Your favorite hobby...
    Studying for my next History test!
    Listening to music
  • 10
    Your favorite quality in a person is...
    Their great humor
    Their ability to lead
    Shy yet complex

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