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  • 1
    Alfred Thayer Mahan
    Was the author of the "open-door" notes
    Designed the Panama Canal
    Was a famous supreme court justice
    Argued for the importance of sea power
    Was Theodore Roosevelt's president
  • 2
    Yellow journalism
    Italian language newspaper in New York
    Sensationalists news coverage intended to maximize newspaper sales
    Expose progressive journalism
    Prejudicial journalism directed against Japanese immigrants
    Journalists that frightened into submission during World War 1
  • 3
    The battleship Maine
    Was sunk by German submarines causing America to declare war
    Was the most highly decorate battleship during World War 1
    Was active in the attack on Manila, sinking three Spanish ships
    Exploded in Havana Harbor and contributed to the Spanish-American War
    Was president Theodore Roosevelt's personal ship
  • 4
    Emilio Aginaldo
    Was the Filipino rebel leader
    Led the Spanish forces in the Philippines
    Was the Spanish governor of Cuba
    Was the martyred leader of the Cuban rebellion
    Was an American lieutenant that received the Congressional Medal of honor
  • 5
    The Roosevelt Corollary
    Justified American intervention in the Far East
    Helped to stiffle the Boxer Rebellion in China
    Stated that the US could intervene in Latin American countries to forestall the intervention of other countries
    Was an American project after the Spanish-American War designed to rebuild the economy of Cuba
    Was responsible for America's annexation of Hawaii
  • 6
    The muckrakers wanted
    To destroy the Republican party
    To convert America to socialism
    To make Congress completely Republican
    To expose social problems to the public
    To increase newspaper sales
  • 7
    Fredrick W. Taylor
    Authored the bill on reclamation for the western states
    Was an Oregon progressive reformer
    Founded the National Child Labor Committee
    Was an efficiency expert
    Was the progressive editor of the Arena
  • 8
    Lochner v. New York
    Voided a state-legislated ten-hour day because it violated workers "liberty of contract"
    Upheld a Utah law limiting miners to eight-hour workdays
    Broke up the American Tobacco Company
    Ordered the breakup of the "beef trust"
    Made the inheritance tax illegal
  • 9
    The Triangle Shirtwaist Company
    Resulted in intervention of federal troops
    Where Samuel Gompers first developed the AFL
    Where the labor force was completely children
    Was where its workers were killed and resulted in Progressive legislation
    Is where Fredrick Taylor first applied his principles of efficiency
  • 10
    The novel that described the terrible conditions of the meatpacking industry.
    The Great American Fraud
    The Jungle
    How the Other Half Lives
  • 11
    What event sparked World War 1 in Europe?
    A Serb's assassination of the Austrian heir to the throne
    The Bolshevik Revolution
    Germany's intention to challenge Britain's naval superiority
    A treaty of alliance between Britain and France against Germany
    Germany's invasion of Belgium
  • 12
    In the Election of 1916, the Republicans:
    Nominated Charles Evans Hughes and lost by a small margin
    Nominated Theodore Roosevelt and lost by a small margin
    Nominated Woodrow Wilson and lost by a large margin
    Nominated William Howard Taft and lost by a large margin
    Nominated Al Smith and lost by a large margin
  • 13
    The Zimmerman Telegram:
    Asked for help from Mexico in case of war between Germany and the United States
    Cased Great Britain to break off diplomatic relations with Germany
    Announced Germany's unrestricted submarine campaign
    Announced the addition of three countries to the Central Powers
    Tipped off J. Edgar Hoover that the Germans had infiltrated the FBI
  • 14
    The most important of all the American World War1 mobilization agencies was the:
    War Industries Board
    Committee of Public Information
    United States Shipping Board
    Emergency fleet Corporation
    Fuel Administration
  • 15
    The U.S. military effort in France during World War1:
    Had little significance
    Resulted in millions of American deaths
    Were commanded by Herbert Hoover
    Helped to turn back several German offensives
    Demonstrated the effectiveness of small elite forces

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