Are you Emo, Scemo, a Wannabe, or going through a phase?

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    Please don't kill me but... favorite color?
    Really pretty colors like pink and purple! C:
    Black is love. Black is life. If only it were darker *sigh*
    Black... and gray. Red is nice too.
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    Do you listen to Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, Bring Me The Horizon, Avion Roe, etc.?
    I mean, a little bit. I like pop more though. Screamo just isn't really my thing.
    Huh? Are they like One Direction?
    All day, everyday
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    Do you self harm?
    Who would do such a thing? ;w; I'd never hurt my beautiful arms...
    I've thought about it.
    Have you seen my wrists? They are covered in scars.
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    Do you dye your hair or add in a streak or two every once in a while?
    My hair is full on black *whispers* Like my soul~
    Yeah, I have a few streaks in my hair but they aren't black.
    Nope! My hair is naturally blonde and beautiful >w<
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    Do you wear skinny jeans?
    I mean sometimes. Not really though, they make me look stupid.
    No way! Skinny jeans are for girls!
    They're all I have for a clothing choice in pants.
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    Are all emos in the LGBT+ community?
    No, they don't have to be in order to be emo.
    Yeah, most of them are. I mean... that is what emos are pretty much, right?
    Yes! All of them are non-straight, emotional, kids.
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    What do you think of the clothing/hair style emo's wear?
    They can dress however they want. Emo is a music style anyways, not a fashion sense.
    I think It's kinda stupid like, "Ooh, look at me~! I wear black and I'm depressed!" Boo hoo, shut up.
    I think It's just sooooo totally cool <3
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    What do you want to do when you see cuts on other people's wrists?
    Offer them a hug and tell them that you will help them get through it.
    Well duh! Imma go home and copy them exactly! They're so cool hehe
    Uhhh... be glad my wrists didn't look like theirs I guess? It does kinda look cool though...
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    Almost there my friends! If you were placed in a room and 3 objects were placed in front of you, which would you notice first/want more?
    A shirt by your favorite emo band or a rubber wrist band.
    A razor (not the one you use to shave disgusting puberty hair. Ewie)
    Ooh! Black nail polish C:
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    Last question! Yaayyy *pops a party popper* Oops... *brushes some confetti out of your hair* Last question. What do you think your results will be?
    Oh, I know I'm totes gonna be emo! It's in my blood!
    I hope I'm emo...
    Eh, I don't really care what I get. I was bored...

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Liviyah ( 6.247 )
Posted 127 days ago
What the heck? So all of the sudden all emos are dark souls who cut themselves. It is a music choice, SOMETIMES a fashion statement. And to be honest, if you asked an emo their thoughts on cutting, 90% would say it's terrible.
Killjoy forever ( 7.106 )
Posted 315 days ago
Ever heard of the emo trinity