Is your fictional couple a good match?

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This test applies to Canon/OC couples as well as OC/OC couples. It does not apply to Canon/Canon pairings, because it's a test of how well-written your romance is.

  • 1
    Are the characters in character when it comes to the romance? (Yes, OCs can be OOC too.)
    Well, no, but wouldn't they be better like this?
    I wouldn't have time for that, they're too busy having sex.
    Completely. I am putting research and effort into it.
    I try my hardest for it to happen, though it isn't perfect.
  • 2
    What is the age difference?
    All that matters is that they're above the age of consent.
    They're about the same age. (two years or less)
    Doesn't matter. Love is loove~
    One is far older than the other to put them in their place.
    Three to six years.
  • 3
    How much do they have in common?
    Some things. Not a lot, but a solid few.
    Nothing more than sex, baby!
    They have a lot of shared interests. Not everything tho...
  • 4
    What sort of relationship do they have? Give me a basic overview.
    They really love and care about each other, even though they have disagreements.
    Bit of a love/hate thing, really
    Super duper romantic all the time!
    One puts the other into their place when they act up.
  • 5
    Do they do EVERYTHING together?
    No. They have their own families, friends, and jobs.
    Yes~ EVERYTHING....
    They do do quite a lot together...
    Only in the bedroom.
  • 6
    Is your relationship violent or plagued with disagreements?
    A little bit...
    It's not abuse, it's TWOO WUV!
    No! They never disagree! EVER!
    Only violent in the bedroom~
    No. Even though they disagree sometimes on things, there is no violence.
  • 7
    Have your characters ever been out on a date?
    Once. Then they had sex.
    No. They don't really want to.
    Many, many times!
    Yes. A few times, and it was a bit awkward to start.
    No, because one always keeps the other home, to him/herself. Always.
  • 8
    How long did this relationship take to develop?
    As long as it took to get into the other's pants.
    Several months/years
    It was love at first sight!
    A few months
    A couple days.
  • 9
    Have they ever had sex? If so, how was it?
    Punishment for one of them~
    Kinda awkward at first, but all in all, enjoyable.
    Amazing. All the stalking-I mean dates paid off!
    Yes! Completely and totally perfect!
  • 10
    Does one character seem to control or own the other? (Or, God forbid, ACTUALLY control or own the other!)
    It's only BDSM, and they both love each other and it's consensual, so it's cool.
    No. They are fully independent and capable of making their own decisions.
    Yes. But it's okay, it's how it should be~
    In the bedroom!
  • 11
    If one was in danger, could the other save them?
    The best they'd be able to do is scream.
    Nah. They can get a new toy.
    They would put up a damn good fight, even if they couldn't.
    Yes. They're that powerful, after all.
  • 12
    What's the most romantic thing they've done?
    Had nice, hot, steamy sex
    Kissed (and meant it!) or said sweet things to each other
    Paid for dinner/the movies
    Punished them for their own good
  • 13
    Has one ever tried to stop the other from seeing someone else?
    Yes. It's romantic.
    No, the other would never have interest in someone else! Ever!
    Nah, though they may have gotten uber-jealous.
  • 14
    How have they fallen asleep after a romantic night?
    Holding hands.
    They went back home to chill.
    Relaxing after some...uh...sexytimes.
    One is watching the other. They don't know yet.
  • 15
    Answer honestly: Do you think they're a good couple?
    I hope so, with the effort I put into them.
    Yes. I've worked very hard, after all.
    No. They're a toy and master, not a couple.
    Yeah, cuz...uh...I wrote them?
    Well, sexually.
  • 16
    Bonus: If they are a canon/oc couple, does the canon character already have a boy/girlfriend?
    Not a canon/OC relationship
    Yes, but the existing relationship is very poor.
    They're available.
    Yeah. So?
    They're not a boy/girlfriend, they're a toy! Get it right!

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