Does she like you?

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  • 1
    What happens if you two make eye contact randomly? Like randomly passing each other and you look at each other.
    She turns and whispers to her friends
    She looks away quickly, like she doesn't want me to notice
    She smiles at me
  • 2
    Does she touch you a lot? Nothing strange just like bumping hands, or putting her hand on your shoulder when she laughs.
    Rarely, it's only happened a few times before
    Yes, but it's more of a friendly touch than anything
    No, she's never touched me
    Sometimes, it's mostly normal stuff
    Yes, she takes every opportunity to touch me
  • 3
    How do your conversations start? Whether it's by text, phone, or in person.
    We don't really talk that much
    I mostly start the conversations
    It's about 50/50
    She starts the conversations mostly
  • 4
    When you two talk, what happens?
    We talk until one of us have to go, it can be hours
    She rarely even responds
    I do most of the talking, but she throws in comments
    She always has to leave or do something when I say hello
  • 5
    Does she randomly stare off in a daydream when you two are talking sometimes? It's a weird question but a huge sign
    It's happened before, but not all that often
    It happens all the time! She's always blushing after!
    It happens often, and she seems embarrassed afterwards
  • 6
    Do her friends know you?
    No, she doesn't talk about me to them that much
    No, they know my name, but not much else I think
    Yeah, but I wish they didn't, they tease me and are really mean
    Yes, whenever I come over to say hi to her (crush) they laugh a little and give us privacy
    Yeah, they know me well, when I see them they say hi and seem friendly
  • 7
    Does she seem to want to spend a lot of time with you? Like taking any excuse to be around you or be talking
    Yeah, she seems to like spending time with me
    Not really, we're only near each other when we're partners in a group or its required
    Yeah! She always wants to hang out with me
    No, she seems to want to be with her friends more
    Sometimes, she seems to hang out with me as much as her other friends
  • 8
    Does she tease you at all?
    Yeah, it's innocent though and we both laugh
    No, is that a bad thing?
    Yeah, it's sometimes mean, but she's trying to be funny
    Yes, it's mean, and I wish she didn't
    She rarely even notices I'm there
  • 9
    Did she give you a nickname?
    A personal nickname, not like "my name is Nicole and I want to be called Nicki" but something personal
    No, she just calls me by my name
    It's more of a mean nickname, but still a nickname I guess
    Yes, it kind of embarrasses me, but it makes her happy
    Yeah, she has this cute nickname that makes me smile
  • 10
    If you could pick one person to spend the rest of your life with, to be your partner through everything. Would you pick her over any other person on Earth?
    Yes, she is absolutely perfect, there is no one else I could pick
    No, I can think of other people I'd much rather spend that time with
    I'd have to think about it, but she's definitely one of my best choices

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