What SSVI Character are You?

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This is a test to determine which popular character you are in the highly acclaimed Setting Sun Vol. I., the first book in the Anointed SAGA.

  • 1
    What would you do if you were told YOU were the only thing that could stand in the way of your world's Apocalypse?
    Me? HA! You gotta be joking. Well, if by some bizarre twist, that happens, I guess I would accept it. Not right away, of course. Me, fighting the end of the world seems like a lost cause…but there are people in my life I’m willing to suffer for. To fight for.
    Gear up and try not to get too excited.
    I would do all that I could. If I’m the only hope, I can’t let them down.
    If the world is destined to end, then I suppose I'd let it. We’re talking about fate—divine intervention. They would obviously want me to let it end, as they would know that I’ve never really been attached to this place too much. Let’s just hope it’s quick and painless.
  • 2
    The person you love has no idea of your affections toward them. Why would that be?

    Love is a weird concept to me. If anything, it hinders productivity. I have no use for it.
    Whatever love I may have, will surely go unrequited. Not exactly the popular kid in school, if you catch my drift. I’m just lucky to have what I got with them now. Not pushing for more.
    You serious? I don’t have time for wishy-washy love. There are more important things to life than something as campy as romance. It’s just going to distract me from honing my skills.
    I have someone I love deeply, but I’m too afraid to confess. Not because of the possibility of rejection. But because I don’t want to burden people. I have a lot of responsibilities and I’d feel bad involving the one I love in them.
  • 3
    What would you do if you tragically lost someone important to you suddenly?

    Death is unavoidable. It should be expected. I suppose I should mourn for them and at the loss I’ve suffered, but I can honestly say I’m not sure what I’d do..
    I would mourn the loss of the people I care for. If they were murdered, I would try to find the creature that did it, and ensure justice. I know I don’t have a lot going for me, ability wise, but I wouldn’t rest until the mystery is solved. It’s what they would have wanted. They died, so I will live for them!
    Weep, at first. I’ve always been emotionally inclined and it would probably take a while for me to get over it. But you wouldn’t know. Even if I feel like my foundations withering away, I’ll keep my mask on. I have to keep up morale, after all... Pushing forward, even when I’m dying on the inside.
    Avenge my comrades. I would wear the spilt blood of my people, so that the foul demons knew why I was there, as I ram my knife into their disgusting gullet.
  • 4
    What do you want in your future?
    A list of addresses to every person that’s ever bullied me around. Future’s bleak personally, but at least I’m going out with a couple laughs as I outwit those idiots with my clever pranks.
    Honestly, what I want, is to be like everyone else. Normal and equal. Maybe then people wouldn’t be so distant towards me. I just want to be seen for WHO I am…
    I want to be the top dog. Everyone will respect me and know I’m the best at what I do. I’ll be someone that achieves what they want, regardless of the challenge. I’d be dauntless.
    To have a place to myself. Social life is exhausting… I need a timeout from all the interaction.
  • 5
    If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you go?
    Anywhere but here, that’s for sure. Is there a place where freaks gather together?
    Either in a deep underground cavern or the tip of a mountain. I like quiet places. And people are not quiet.
    A mountain trail. It’s cardiac heaven, you could run up and down the slopes—not to mention the tree branches provide a good foundation for inverted sit-ups.
    Some place that doesn’t know me. I could start fresh and forge my own reputation.
  • 6
    What do you do on your free time?
    Play with puzzles or come up with/read some riddles. Enhance the mind and all. I’ve got to be two steps ahead of the crowd if I’m gonna make it through high school alive.
    I have no such thing. Free time isn’t allowed in my life. I have responsibilities every day and I have to ensure I get them done. Sleep is pretty much the only down time for me. If I slack, other people suffer for it.
    Anyone who takes breaks, doesn’t deserve to grow. I don’t believe in stopping in life. There are just low intervals and high intervals. As for my low intervals, I like to do stretches and study combat techniques.
    Read. It’s interesting seeing how people interact with others in the stories.
  • 7
    If you had the power to have any job, what would it be?
    Financing or Editing. Or anything that involves only my competence. I don’t like the idea of depending on anyone else.
    Acting. I love it. It gives you the chance to feel things you probably never would feel in the real world—certainly for my case. My life is such a drag and to live someone else's is a nice change of pace. And entertaining others is what I live for.
    I already have a job and that's protecting my country. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.
    The Medical field. I hate seeing people suffer and it’d be nice to be the one serving someone else for a change. I want people to live happy and well.
  • 8
    If you were dunked in radioactive waste, what power would you want to have?
    Is that what some people have to go through for abilities? Sucks for them. I’ll keep my powers of ice. People don’t like the cold. And I don’t work well with people anyways.
    Depends. Do I HAVE to be dunked with waste? If not, I’d like a power that helps people. Maybe healing abilities?
    First of all, eww. Are you not aware that we’re already given powers on our sixteenth birthday? Secondly, I am just peachy with what I already have. Lightning! Speed, agility and overpowering energy are my forte. And I’m quite satisfied with their effects.
    Let me first say thanks for saying that. Now, whatever sadistic entity that runs my life has more material to use. Also, I’m not picky. If I had a Gift that made my farts smell pleasant, I’d take it. Or is this a trick question, maybe I should ask for a power that stops radioactive wastes from doing harmful effects.
  • 9
    If you had a time machine, what part of your life would you go back to?
    The first time I met my love. Those first feelings were the best moment of my life. What’s even greater, it was a time someone loved me and not the idea of me.
    Back to a time where my authority figures were still around. That way I could prevent their deaths and learn more about myself.
    What is this crap? I don’t have a time machine and I doubt we ever will. The past isn't meant to be changed, only meant to be used as a reference…to help us forge a better future.
    Probably a few years before my downfall. I could prepare appropriately and maybe come up with some illusion that fools them into keeping me from being ostracized by everyone.
  • 10
    A demon approaches you—its aura malevolent, and you know it's here for your blood. What do you do?
    Being that my only chance for survival would be to kill or escape, I would weigh my options. If I thought I had a chance, I’d try to catch it unaware. I like to use my mirror technique which involves producing elusive copies through the reflecting ice I can sculpt. Traps are my speciality so I would constantly gauge this opponent’s movements and strike when I assume an opening. Sorry…you were expecting more fear from me? Um… AAH…?
    Pity its stupidity in challenging me. Then kill it. Nice and slow so it has time to regret who it screwed with.
    I suppose I’m required to inform the people, as there are many that would give their lives for me. But I hate using people… If I had the power to fight and no eyes watching, I’d fight it myself. After all, they ARE the reason why I can’t live a regular life…
    Not freak out too much. Sure, the creature is probably from some hellish prison seeking out my death. I get that. But no good would come from losing my senses. I would probably get the layout of the land. Absorb as much of my surroundings I can. Pick up as much information that could play out well for me. I don’t have much, but my wit’s gotten me to this age. It won’t start failing me now.

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