Are you a member of team TDM?

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Dantdm Rules! Find out whatever you want ( about DanTDM! )

  • 1
    DanTDM has 2 dogs. ( In minecraft )
  • 2
    DanTDM has a pet pig.
  • 3
    He is NOT married.
  • 4
    His 2 pugs are both female's.
  • 5
    His minecraft dog is made out of bones.
  • 6
    Are you a TDM fan?
  • 7
    He has a villager friend.
  • 8
    He a fan of Pokemon.
  • 9
    He is not British.
  • 10
    He is famous for being cool!
  • 11
    His wife is Jemma!
  • 12
    He loves pink!

Comments (26)


Lauren (38488)
I love dan i've been watching him for like I can't even remember there is my inspiration Dan right there in front of that screen
hellhound2 (70553)
7 days ago
mini golden gates bridge
NeomiTheTDMMember (18992)
10 days ago
Dan i got 12/12! im a realy HUGE fan of yours and i would realy like to meet u in real life (even if u wont even read this xD) i love u from deep in my heart and even if my friends are laughing at me it dosent matter cuz i will still watch your videos and no one can change it ♥♥♥♥
just in case anyone didnt get it ur the best youtuber ever ♥♥♥
I joind #TeamTDM And #DabPolice
Billy Peter king (61767)
52 days ago
Dan your cooooooooooooooollllllll and the best youtuber ever also Dr trayaurus dan were do you live 😕💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🎧🎸🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🐕🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕
Leskuz200 (32535)
73 days ago
Some of these questions are opinions!
Minecraftknight (42380)
78 days ago
got 11/12 I'M A TDM FAN
Angus (00897)
80 days ago
I love you Dan I have seen you on live show in Melbourne on monday
ToriTDM (08885)
93 days ago
I got 11-12 I love his videos 😍😭👎🏼👧🏼🐣🙈🍏🍎🍌🍊🍐🍇🍞🍗🧀🍔🍟🌯🍿🍫🏀🏹🛀🏅🏆🎨👾🎮🎳🎬🎸🎲📱💻☎️📀💿📸💉💊🚽🔑🇨🇮🇬🇪🇮🇳🇮🇪🇪🇸🇷🇺
JennTDM525 (32809)
138 days ago
10/12 come on! and it wont even show what I got wrong!
Gracie gragg (12047)
142 days ago
Dantdm I'm going to visit your house when I grow up
Gracie gragg (12047)
142 days ago
I got it all right
cassie (16801)
156 days ago
I love Dan so much a lot of people think I'm crazy for him and I am
Ava (HUGE TDM FAN) (met dan) (27082)
162 days ago
Hi Dan i got 9/12 but i still hugely love ur channel! i am Ava the girl with the elephant phone case at ur Newcastle tour i hope u remember me
Wenz (29527)
224 days ago
Lenny (11853)
258 days ago
I got 7/12 but I'm still a really big fan!
Lenny (11853)
258 days ago
DANTDM IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
demi manning (75309)
300 days ago
10 out of 12 so close but im a tdm member
DanTDM (68085)
490 days ago
Guys who are a member of team TDM thank you
DanTDM (68085)
490 days ago
I'm dantdm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maribel (70164)
514 days ago
Dan is the best known because he is one of the top ten popular people.
Also, I wish he was my neighbor.