What is your cup of tea type of guy?

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We all have different taste in guys, some want Tom Cruise, some want Jim Carrey and big majority want Channing Tatum. So which one do you actually prefer?

  • 1
    Who do you feel most comfortable with at a stranger's party?
    The guy who says "why don't we escape from all this bullshit and go somewhere where there's only you and I?"
    The guy who joins the men to talk about politics, latest issues and economies
    The guy who everyone likes because he's loud and hilarious
    The guy who prioritize you but still, communicate intelligently with others at the same time
  • 2
    When you're at your lowest, what will make you feel better?
    When he touch your face and actually ask you questions to help you solve your problem
    When he says all you got to do is chill and just forget about it
    When he hugs you in his arms and tell you everything will be okay
    When he makes you laugh out loud and forget your problem
  • 3
    Say you're nicely dressed for an event or dinner, you want your partner to react by......
    "My oh my, I can't believe you're mine, beautiful" -he whispered to your ears while smiling widely
    "Oh wow who dat girl! Holy cow people she's so mine!" -he loudly screamed
    "Nice" - he simply said in a tone but he can't take his eyes off you
    "Damn, I got the most beautiful girlfriend." - he flirts you and kiss you, and smile
  • 4
    It's raining and you're boring, you will ask him to? (And probably you wish it to be)
    Coffee while enjoy the raining, some kiss, some tickling, some hugs, and talk about history he loves.
    Make out. What else to do if it's raining?
    We will play any games? Truth and dare, perhaps and then tickle each other
    You just want to cuddle with him in your bed and probably talk about everything
  • 5
    When you're home from a long day, you want someone to...
    "Hey babe, home already?" - smack your ass and kiss you while having his sandwich in his hands
    "Hey love, I missed you, take a good shower and some rest, okay?" -he kiss your forehead, let you unwind yourself and continue his work
    "Hey so how was your day? Want me to do anything for you?" -hugs you and lift you up
    "Oh my baby is home finally!" - he hugs you tight, make you seat, entertain you with anything
  • 6
    Probably you fantasized your dream guy to have what job?
    Lawyer/ Economist/ CEO/ Businessman
    Doctor/ Engineer/Lecturer/Architect
  • 7
    When in an argument, you want a guy who..
    He will slow talk, calm you two, and discuss nicely
    He talks strictly, firmly, emotionally and hold you tight to know that the argument hurts him like hell but you two will get along
    He will say nothing about it and just forgive you
    Shout at you for all your mistakes and never let you say anything he will calm himself later
  • 8
    You like it the most when a guy is jealous, he....
    "You know that I'm jealous, right? Baby? Please don't do it again" - tolerate with you patiently and hugs you so you know he loves you so much
    "Never mind, I have to talk to other girl too perhaps next time" - he's quiet, makes a sad face
    "The fuck? That guy? Fuck him." - throws stuff at wall, not talking to you for few hours
    "So....that guy is funnier than me? Now he makes you happier, isn't it? Okay then!" - scold you and walk away from you
  • 9
    On your special day, you want him to....
    Bring you to an art exhibition, then at midnight you two walk holding hands to nowhere.
    Bring you to someplace in waterfall where there's only you and him
    Bring you to theme park so you two can enjoy yourselves
    Bring you to luxurious restaurant and give you a gift
  • 10
    Number one quality you want in a guy?
    I want him to make me feel loved and secure.
    He must accept all my flaws and still, see me as his perfect girl.
    I want a smart guy who will guide me and make me happy.
    As long as he can make me happy.

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