Does he love you back?

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Take this quiz to find out whether he likes you back.

  • 1
    Has he ever expressed any affection for you?
    (letters, texts, in person, emails, phone calls, etc.)
    No, he never has. (This is fine, a lot of guys don't come right out and say it.)
    I don't think so, he was probably joking if he did say something of the sort.
    He may have hinted at it...
    He might have been, but I have no real clue.
    Yes, he has!
  • 2
    Where do you two usually see each other each day?
    In one of our houses
    I don't really get to see him, and he doesn't try to make a point of seeing me.
    Around the Neighborhood
  • 3
    Has he ever made physical contact with you?
    He sometimes bumps into me as he is walking past.
    He sometimes pushes me around, playfully.
    He hasn't ever touched me on purpose.
    He sometimes walks towards me, and stops me by grabbing my arm...
    Yes, he brushed my hair back with his hand and touched me on the arm!
  • 4
    Has he come up with a nickname for you?
    No, he just uses my real name. (This could be because he doesn't like nicknames, don't give up hope.)
    Yes, but it's mean.
    No, but he may refer to me in that way around others.
    Yes, it's cute/funny/strange?/nice.
    Yes, but it is just a shortened version of my name.
  • 5
    Does he ever make a point of talking to you around your normal schedule?
    Yes, but it's always about him...
    No, he only talks to me when he can get the chance around work. (This may just mean he's busy.)
    Yes, he is always trying to talk to me when we're supposed to be working...
    No, he doesn't try to talk to me.
    Yes, he likes to talk too much, but it's always about me.
  • 6
    Have your friends ever talked to you about him talking about you? (When you're not around?)
    Yeah, they say he talks about me, but they won't say how he talks about me.
    Yes, they tell me he does it at LEAST once a week.
    Yes, he talks, and it's always about my body. (Sexual)
    Yes, he mentioned me once.
    Yes, he talks about me, but it's sometimes mean and derogatory.
  • 7
    Has your crush ever been infatuated with another girl?
    Yes, he has, and he is in a relationship with her right now.
    Yes, he has, but it didn't last for long.
    No, he hasn't. But he apparently has this crush...
    Maybe, but I can't be sure. He never talks about anyone, though.
    No, he hasn't. He chose to be alone for some time, but I think I can change that!
  • 8
    Has he ever asked you to do something with him, not as a date? (Which means it was a date.)
    Yes, he has. It was kinda fun!
    No, he hasn't. He never has time.
    No, he hasn't. He takes his friends with him, but never any girls.
    Yes, he has. He said he had some spare tickets...
    Yes, he has. It was to a dance/fun event and it was a great time! He said he'd like to do it again sometime, maybe have some more fun next time. (I hope that doesn't mean what I think it means...)
  • 9
    Has he ever expressed interest in your hobbies, personal life?
    Yes, he always seems to like the same things, as well. It's weird.
    We share every hobby, and I know he's telling the truth.
    Yes, he has, but I think it was coincidence.
    Yes, he does, and I know he doesn't.
    No, he hasn't, but he's a bit busy to have many interests.
  • 10
    Has he ever complemented you?
    No, he hasn't, but he's kind of shy/ignorant/awkward/busy.
    Yes, he has, but it was in the heat of the moment.
    Yes, and he complemented my body. e.g. "Hey, (your name), nice legs!"
    Yes, but he couldn't really speak properly, and he went kind of red...
    Yes, and I could tell that it was genuine!

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