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  • 1
    Which university is the oldest?
    University of Paris
    University of Oxford
    University of Salamanca
    University of Bologna
  • 2
    Christopher Columbus was?
    A Spanish explorer who was is Spanish navy
    A Spanish explorer who was in Italian navy
    An Italian explorer who was in Spanish navy
  • 3
    The author of famous book War and Peace is
    Peter Iljic Cajkovskij
    Alexander Puskin
    Leo Tolstoy
  • 4
    Heinrich Schliemann
    Discovered Troya city accidentely
    Discovered the Troya while looking for colloseum
    Discovered Troya city due to epos from Homer
  • 5
    Author of the Declaration of Independence was
    George Washington
    Thomas Jefferson
    Abraham Lincoln
  • 6
    What would happen without carbon dioxide?
    Earth will turn into a hot-ball
    Earth would turn into a ice-ball
  • 7
    What does not belong into wonders of the world?
    Pyramids of Egypt
    Angkor Vat temple in Kampuchia
    Colosseum of Rome
    Hanging gardens
  • 8
    Meteoroid is
    Travelling in space
    Already travelling in atmosphere
    Fallen on the ground
  • 9
    Ceres is a name of
    Dwarf planet in our solar system
    A comet going into our solar system
    Huge meteoroid in our solar system
  • 10
    Venus does have
    Zero moons
    The most moons of the planets in solar system
    One moon exactly like the Earth
  • 11
    The longest river is
    Yangtze-Kiang- the yellow river
  • 12
    The first animal in space was
    Dog named Laika by USA
    Dog named Aida by Russians
    Dog named Laika by Russians
  • 13
    Zambo is a term used for
    People mixed from africans and american indians genes
    People who used to live in south America
    People mixed from american indians and europans
  • 14
    The old currency in Italy was
  • 15
    The largest from the cat family is
  • 16
    The unit of resistance is

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