Does my friend have a crush on me?

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You have a long time friendship that started with a spark in your heart. Is there a chance that you've overlooked a smoldering soulmate for years? Take this test!

  • 1
    Do you talk about sex?
    Yes - and we banter playfully to the exclusion of others
    Regularly - she's a font of fantasy
    Rarely - she's pretty close-legged, I mean close-mouthed
  • 2
    Do you share inside jokes?
    We banter familiarly, and refer to shared history often
    We are so inside our jokes that people have expressed annoyance about being left outside of our conversations
    We are so busy laughing at the other idiots out there, that we don't refer to ourselves, much
  • 3
    Does she call you for help or advice frequently?
    All the time, and I know someday she'll repay me for all I've done
    Yes, and I'm there for her like a lapdog
    No, she has other friends who give her bad advice; I just wipe away the tears
  • 4
    Does she come to you when in emotional distress?
    For big heartfelt disappointments, I have been there for her - even showing up on her doorstep
    Often - I think I'm on speed dial.
    Well, we're together so often that she doesn't have to come to me
  • 5
    Is she uninhibited around you - can she be herself?
    When we are naked, we are truly ourselves
    She's perfect, however she is -and she doesn't need to know me, at all
    Yes, we know each other so well, we can finish each other's sentences
  • 6
    When you have disagreements how heated are they?
    We never argue, she is perfect.
    We argue and short-exchange bursts, but almost always reconcile
    We with urgency and feeling -only inches away from each other
  • 7
    Does she defer to your opinion frequently?
    Now that I think about it, she asks my opinion on quite a few things
    Yes, especially because I always pay when we go out and buy her gifts
    We are about equal - we mesh pretty well
  • 8
    Do you have a shared interest and does she call only you regarding that interest?
    She calls only me regarding this interest.
    Yes, we have a shared interest and we are committed to spending time doing it (ahem)
    Yes and I will frequently change or bend plans to make sure that I can show her how interested I am
  • 9
    Have you ever shopped for jewelry together?
    We have never shopped for a ring, but every time I see a stone, I think of her wearing it...somehow...
    Yes, and she is often talking to me about what kind of ring she wants
    Well, no, but I am making her an engagement ring.
  • 10
    Is your name Joe and does hers begin with a "T"?
    Yes, and she can't seem to find the right man, but she'll always have me.
    Yes, and she is my best friend
    Yes, and I like the way her name sounds with my last name

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