Which Desperate Housewife Are You?

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Welcome to Wisteria Lane, a place where the families have secrets and the wives are desperate. Find out if you're Bree, Edie, Susan, Gabby, or Lynette.

  • 1
    You're buying a house on Wisteria Lane! What's most important to you?
    Big and glamorous.
    Curb appeal. And kitchen size.
    Eh, a place to sleep and eat.
    The most impressive one on the block to make a lasting impression.
    Everything has to be perfectly beautiful and functional.
  • 2
    A nice woman comes by with a fresh pie for you and your family. How kind! You both introduced yourselves and now are standing in silence. What do you say?
    "Well, thanks again. See you around the block!"
    "Do you have any kids? Maybe we can arrange a play date."
    "This looks lovely." Pause. "Would you like to come in?"
    "I think I have this same recipe. Would you like to compare notes?"
    "You know, I have a necklace that goes perfectly with your shirt. Would you like to borrow it sometime?"
  • 3
    At your house warming dinner party, complete with a Murder Mystery theme, one of the men your husband works with looks uneasy. You look at his card and see he is the murderer. What do you do?
    Blatantly flirt with him.
    Brightly say "Hi! I love your shoes. Where'd you get them?"
    Tell your husband to talk to him.
    Approach him kindly and try to get to know him. Don't let him know you know his card.
    Be really apparent about who your character is and ask who his is.
  • 4
    You find out your oldest child has been sneaking out at night. What's your move?
    Call your family in for a discussion and coming-to-Jesus talk.
    Information recon. Follow them out!
    Try to keep your husband out of it, and threaten the child if they won't tell you.
    Calmly tell your husband and follow his lead.
    It's their life. As long as it doesn't affect your family image, it's alright.
  • 5
    Date night! Where do you go?
    I'd need a date for date night, so... a bar.
    The finest, most expensive restaurant in town.
    A place that you both share a fond memory of.
    Go? I make my own food!
    Our restaurant. Cheap, easy, fun.
  • 6
    Describe yourself (not your family,) in one word.
  • 7
    At a pool party, hosted by none other than yourself, you are standing with the Wisteria elite wives. One snippily says to you, "And what about you? Are you happy with THAT?" She gestures at your husband.
    "Of course. Treasure is better than trash." Gesture at her husband.
    "I try to be."
    Defensively, "More so than you must be."
    "What is THAT supposed to mean?"
    "Most of the time," you say with a laugh.
  • 8
    Late at night, you return from an outing with your friends to see a body on the floor and a weapon in your husband's hand. What do you do?
    Let him get it out before calling in for cleanup help.
    Leave him and get to the police station.
    Ask for every last detail.
    Get the body to the car and then a remote area.
    Oh. My. Gosh. Call your friends.
  • 9
    How do you typically dress?
    Casual, but modern. I can be dressy when I feel like it.
    I put on acceptable clothing. What more can you want?
    Anything to showcase my good sides.
    Always classy and with pearls. Not a hair out of place.
    Only name-brand that fits every occasion.
  • 10
    Finally, how are you going to spend your latest years?
    I'll work 'till I die.
    What I did as a housewife in my youth.
    In my home with my hubbie.
    Too many painful memories on Wisteria. I'm out!
    Family forever.

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