Do I like him? (designed for girls)

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This test will determine whether or not you like a certain guy, and how much.

  • 1
    Do you think you like him right now?
    Kind of... *blushes*
    Um... is that even a question? Of course I do! (ME: Then why are you taking this quiz?)
    Ew no!
    I don't know
    I used to...
  • 2
    How well do you know him?
    We're friends
    I don't know
    Admiring from afar...
    Does it matter? I don't like him!
    Does stalking him count?
  • 3
    How much do you think you like him?
    Who said I liked him? (ME: Well, you are trying to find out...)
    I don't know
    I told you, it's on and off.
    I'm talking LOVE woman! (ME: Okay... here try on this nice straightjacket while I back away slowly...)
    Quite a bit, I guess... (ME: Awwwwww!)
  • 4
    How much do you think about him?
    Whenever I like him. It's complicated.
    A lot of the time... *smiles and sighs*
    Wait what? Sorry, I was thinking about bae!
    I'm always plotting on how to kill him/ I don't like him!
    I don't know
  • 5
    Scenario time! He asks you to go to the movies with him. What do you say?
    I don't know
    It depends on whether or not I happen to like him at that specific time.
    "I'd like that." *Acting not excited but screaming with joy on the inside*
    "Get. Out. Of. My. Sight. Or I will kill you." (ME: Wait, are you talking to him, or me?)
  • 6
    You are at the movies, and he asks you what you want to see. What do you choose?
    We did not go to the movies.
    My favourite movie (with a romantic scene of course)/ I ask his opinion
    I don't know
    I'm not sure we went.
    The most romantic movie on!
  • 7
    It's the most romantic part of the movie, and he leans in for a kiss. What do you do?
    I am not there, but if I was for some reason, I would slap him and leave.
    I don't know
    Shyly kiss him back.
    Make out with him and don't watch anymore of the movie, because I am sitting in his lap now, facing him.
    It really depends...
  • 8
    Almost there! After the movie, you..
    I'm still not sure if I would have said yes.
    Go on a romantic stroll to a romantic restaurant with a romantic dinner...
    I don't know
    We did not go to that movie!
    Let him hug you goodbye.
  • 9
    That night, you are...
    Replaying every moment of our date. Wait, was it a date? (ME: Um, he wanted to kiss you!)
    I don't know
    With him, duh!
    Wondering if I should have gone, because I think I like him again...
    Thankful I didn't go with that creep!
  • 10
    Last question! How did you like the quiz?
    It was great! I got to fanatasize about bae!
    I don't know
    After seeing my answers, I'm pretty sure I like him...
    I was disgusted that I wasn't allowed to not go on that date!
    I'm curious about my results

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