What type of boys are you into?

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So, eager to find out the type of guy you always fall for?

  • 1
    What would he look like?
    Pale, dark eyes and dark hair.
    Any type really, as long as they are decent looking to me.
    Tall, blue eyes, blonde hair and tanned.
    Outstanding eyes, great body, tanned.
  • 2
    What's his attitude towards girls?
    He seriously could not give a crap
    He acts normally but still flirts.
    He gives them his killer smile and charms them.
    He blushes and he's all shy.
  • 3
    What describes him best?
    Easily annoyed and grumpy
    Stubborn, arrogant.
    Loyal, kind.
    Funny, chill.
  • 4
    If he were to take you out on a date, he would take you-
    Typical dinner and a movie at the cinemas.
    To dinner at an expensive restaurant.
    At his house, homemade, candlelit dinner with roses and wine.
    Picnic up on a hill, gazing at the stars on the back of his pickup truck.
  • 5
    What would he do in his spare time?
    Go to friends house.
    Play sports.
    Read a book.
  • 6
    In class what would he most likely do?
    Stay quiet and do his work.
    Sit there in his phone ignoring everyone.
    You're not in his class.
    Talk to his friends messing around.
  • 7
    Is he a-
    Popular, sporty jock.
    Typical teenage boy.
    Bad boy.
  • 8
    When you talk to him, where do you look at?
    At his eyes.
    His jawline.
    His toned arms.
    His lips
  • 9
    Do you like it when he-
    Smile at you while giving you a admiring stare.
    Stare right into your eyes.
    Don't look at you much at all.
    Look at your body.
  • 10
    If you got together he would-
    Look at other girls but still looks at you.
    Still flirt with girls.
    Look at you and you only.
    Doesn't really care about you
  • 11
    If it was your birthday he would buy you a....
    (Remember in this question you're not in a relationship but you know you guys like each other )
    A necklace with a special meaning to it.
    Expensive Gucci bag.
    A romantic card.
    Say happy birthday and he you a card
  • 12
    Do you prefer -
    Doesn't have much to give but he is giving his all to you.
    Not that rich but sweet, funny and awesome.
    A guy with a expensive car and all the luxuries, but still a sweetheart.
    Nerdy and all about hitting the books.
  • 13
    What's his transportation?
    His luxurious car.
    His motorbike.
  • 14
    What kind of people does he hang out with?
    His close guy friend.
    A mix on girls and boys.
    He socialises with everyone.
    His squad of the well knows hot boys
  • 15
    Last question ;)

    How many girlfriends has he had?
    1 serious relationship and that's it.
    1-5 not serious
    He doesn't have girlfriends. It's just hook ups.

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Callum ❤️💙 ( 3.234 )
Posted 258 days ago
I have always loved This boy called callum he'[BEEP]tra cute and hoped he loved me too .its gone to far I'm gunna ask him out but people think I love this boy called Alex but I DONT .Callum if u r there it's me I'm coming for ya ❤️💙
aquamarine1707 ( 0.182 )
Posted 269 days ago
apparently my type is rich really hot but extremely kind and caring . he cares about going to school and getting a good degree which is the same as me!! and spoils me rotten with expensive gifts to make me happy. exactly what I would go for!!!
gwen ( 3.122 )
Posted 275 days ago
Wow this quiz is totally accurate! I got exactly what i like in a boy,thats profile A.
MAC ( 25.21 )
Posted 282 days ago
i have liked this boy named jacob since was 3?! But we dont talk because he used to like me and he THINKS i stopped liking him. Everyone thinks that i like his SUPER tall friend Samuel.