How do I know he likes me?

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Do you want to know if your crush likes you or if he likes someone else? Then take this quiz to know the answer straight away.

  • 1
    Does he look you in the eye when you talk to him?
    No he ignores me completely
    Only if what I'm saying is interesting
    Yeah sometimes it's really creepy
    Yeah, sometimes
    Yeah, but he does that to everyone
  • 2
    Do you have his phone number (instagram, snapchat)?
    He doesn't know I have that stuff!:(
    Yeah he's the one that starts our conversations.;)
    Yeah, but we barely talk
    No, but we talk in school
  • 3
    Does he make physical contact?
    We held hands once
    He touches my shoulder
  • 4
    Do his friends tease him to talk to you?
    No but they mix our names together e.g (Sandrew)= Sandra+Andrew
    I never noticed, but I think so
    YEAH, all the time!
  • 5
    Do you think he's your type?(popular, nerdy, cute, goth, sweet ect.)
    He's the most popular boy in the school
    No one understands him but me....meaning he is goth/emo
    He is totally my type #cute, sweet and popular! JACKPOT!
    He is like...really sweeeeet!
  • 6
    Do you have classes with him?
    All of our classes!-1-8
    Yeah, most of our classes-1-5
    Nope, none, nada, zilch! SADLY*sobs*
    Just a few!-1-3
    Only one class.....!
  • 7
    On a scale of 1-10, how hot is your crush?10 being the highest...
    Meh...he's a'ight, what matters is that he is nice to me! (niceness 5-8)
    He is soooooooo cute!8-10
    He is awesome!4-5
    He's Ok=2-3
  • 8
    Does he flirt with you? This actually means something if he does flirt with you!
    All the time!
    Yeah, but he does it to all the girls...
    No we only talk...
  • 9
    Does he smile a lot to you?
    Nope! WHY!
    Yeah, it's really cute
    Sometimes...I think so
    I don't really notice if he does or not
  • 10
    Is your crush a clean person?
    Yes, but everyone has those days where they forget...I guess.
    I guess so...
    Of course...DUH!
    Not really..
  • 11
    Is your crush a fit person?
    No, but I see myself through
    He's not fat, but he's no fit 50/50
    Duh...of course!
  • 12
    Does he have good fashion?
    Doesn't matter I like the way he dresses.
    Yep..I guess
    He's my type of fashion (laid back but on point)
    Not really, but it's who he is:/
  • 13
    How much do you like him?
    (1-10) 10 meaning you love him
    5 I like him
    3 I just think he's cute
    7 I like him a lot!
    10 I LOVE HIM!;}
  • 14
    Does he have a girlfriend? (if so that is bad news)
    I don't know
    Yeah but they're in a break
    Yes...ME! Duh...
  • 15
    Completely from a different subject do you like the quizzes?
    Don't care about them
    Nope, they're pointless
    Yes, they're amazing
    Meh, they're ok
    Yeah..I guess

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sne ( 5.201 )
Posted 217 days ago
ilove a boy bt we are in a distance relationship
Kayla ( 0.142 )
Posted 339 days ago
I love this quiz because I have two boyfriends. My friends told me to choose one boy. So, that is why I am taking this quiz.