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9th Grade History On WW1-WW2

  • 1
    What were the long term causes of war?
    Failure of Diplomacy
    Imperialism, Nationalism, Arms Race, & the Alliance System
    Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
  • 2
    What's Imperialism?
    Belief that a nation is better than any other
    Military Expansion
    Thought of Doing good by conquering /colonizing other lands
  • 3
    What is Nationalism?
    Belief that a race is superior to others
    Extending a country's power through diplomacy/military force
    Belief that a nation is better than any other
  • 4
    Which countries were a part of the central powers?
    Britain, France, Italy, Russia, & the USA
    Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, & Bulgaria
    Germany, Austria-Hungary, USA & Bulgaria
  • 5
    What was the Ottoman Empire?
  • 6
    What countries were allies?
    Czechoslovakia, China, Russia, & Japan
    Britain, Belgium, Austria-Hungary, & Poland
    Britain, France, Italy, Russia,& USA
  • 7
    Which was not one of the short term causes of WW1?
    the Schlieffen Plan
    Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
  • 8
    What was a failure of diplomacy?
    The Weimar republic
    The L of N
    The willy and nicky telegrams
  • 9
    There was two leaders who were cousins, what countries were they from?
    France and Britain
    Germany and Britain
    Germany and Russia
  • 10
    What was the Schlieffen plan?
    Secret Pact made by Russia and Germany
    Germany's plan to invade the colonies to the East
    Germany's plan to invade France then Russia
  • 11
    What is Mobilization?
    Assembling and making both troops and supplies ready for war
    Making a plan to attack
    Going to war
  • 12
    Who killed Franz Ferdinand and where was he from?
    Gabriel Principe, Poland
    Gavriloi Prian, Germany
    Gavrilo Princip, Serbia
  • 13
    Who declares war on Serbia after the killing of Archduke?
    Austria Hungary
  • 14
    Who did Serbia ask for help?
  • 15
    Why did Germany get into a war with Russia?
    Allied to Serbia
    Allied to Austria- Hungary
  • 16
    Which of the following did not occur?
    Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia
    Poland invades Africa
    Germany declares war on Germany & France
  • 17
    Why does Britain declare war on Germany?
    Asked for help
    Britain becomes invaded
    Germany invades Belgium, Neutral, & allied to
  • 18
    What did Lloyd George not want at Versailles?
    Expand British Empire & maintain British control overseas
    Germany lose its navy and colonies
    Start trade
  • 19
    What did George Clemenceau not want?
    Weaken German military
    Split up Germany
  • 20
    What did Woodrow Wilson want?
    L of N, Self- Determination, & Disarmament
    Destroy Germany
  • 21
    What was Germany's men limited to
  • 22
    How many battleships was Germany allowed?
  • 23
    Who were Eupen, Moresnet, and Malmedy given to?
  • 24
    Who was West Prussia and Posen given to?
  • 25
    What city was now free?
  • 26
    Who was the Saar land given to for 15 years?
  • 27
    What was the kapp Putsch?
    Attack on Another country
    German revolution to overthrow Wiemar
    Secret pact
  • 28
    When was the Ruhr crisis?
  • 29
    When did another war break out?
  • 30
    What's Armistice?
    Reduction in Military
    Agreement to stop fighting
  • 31
    Which was not one of the league's aims?
    Start war
    Improve lives/ jobs
    Stop wars
    Enforce Treaty of Versailles
  • 32
    Who was the Aaland islands given to?
  • 33
    What happened in upper Silesia?
    Poland given land
    Germany was given the land
    Germany and Poland shared it
  • 34
    What happened in the Greek- Bulgaria dispute?
    Greeks stayed
    Greeks invaded in 1925 and withdrew
    War broke out
  • 35
    How many slaves were freed in Sierra Leone?
    None, it failed .
  • 36
    How many refugees/ prisoners of war were returned home?
  • 37
    Where was cholera, smallpox, and dysentery helped to be moves out?
  • 38
    The health committee worked hard to defeat what?
    leprosy and malaria
  • 39
    Which was not a failure of the league?
    Lithuania and Poland
    Aaland Islands
    Italy's invasion of Corfu in Greece
  • 40
    How many times did the council meet?
    Once a year
    3 times a year
    5 times a year or emergencies
  • 41
    How many times did the assembly meet?
    5 times a year
    Once a year
  • 42
    Which part of the league made sure Britain & France acted on the interest of the people of that territory ;not what they wanted?
    The refugees committee
    The Mandates Commission
    Health Committee
  • 43
    What country did Japan invade?
  • 44
    On September 1931 where did the Japanese stage an attack?
  • 45
    What city did Japan conquer in China?
  • 46
    What was the Lytton Commission?
    Invasion of Abyssinia
    Investigation of the league
    Invasion of Manchuria
  • 47
    What was the Stresa Front that was signed by France, Britain, and Italy.
    Agreement to give Abyssinia to Italy
    resist of attempts by Germany to break the treaty of Versailles
    Agreement to Give Manchuria to Japan
  • 48
    What was the Hoare- Level Pact?
    Agreement between Russia and Germany
    Secret agreement to give Abyssinia to Italy
    Secret agreement to give Germany weapons
  • 49
    What was the Rome-Berlin axis?
    Agreement between Italy and Germany
    Agreement between Manchuria and Japan
    Agreement between Russia and Germany
  • 50
    How many Germans were under Czech control in Sudetenland?
    2 million
    3 1/2 million
    3 million
  • 51
    What stopped Czech and Austria from interfering with an invasion of Poland?
    10 year non aggression pact with Poland
    Munich agreement
    Kapp putsch
  • 52
    What was the Anglo-German naval treaty?
    Britain allowed Germany to have a navy 1/3(35%) the size of theirs
    Beginning of war
  • 53
    What was the Munich agreement?
    Gave Czechoslovakia
    Anchluss with Austria
    Gave Sudetenland to Germany
  • 54
    Which agreement gave Sudetenland to Germany?
    The night of the Long Knives
    Munich agreement
    The Stresa Front
  • 55
    In 1935 what did Hitler gain control of after the plebiscite?
    The Saar
    The Rhineland
    The Sudetenland
  • 56
    What was the stresa front?
    Agreement to resist future attempts of Germany to break the Treaty
    Battle that occurred in Stresa
    Agreement to give Germany the Sudetenland
  • 57
    Who was involved in the Stresa Front
    USA, Britain, and France
    Britain, France, and Italy
    Russia, Britain, and France
  • 58
    What did the Rome-Berlin axis allow Hitler to do?
    test his new military equipment in the Spanish Civil war
    Gain more land
    Expand His MIlitary
  • 59
    In 1936 who signed the Rome-Berlin Axis?
    Germany and Britain
    Germany and Russia
    Germany and Italy
  • 60
    What's Anti-Comintern Pact?
    Anti Communism With Japan
    Anti Nazi
    Agreement to stop breaking treaty of Versailles
  • 61
    How many German speaking people lived in the Sudetenland?
  • 62
    Who was the leader of the Nazi party in the Sudetenland and what did he do?
    Konrad Heinlein, rebelled/demanded union with Germany
    Konrad Heinlein, Attacked His own government
    Rodrick Rutgers, Rebelled against Hitler
  • 63
    What happened after Chamberlain convinced France to give Hitler the areas where 50% of the population were German?
    Hitler signed and agreed
    Germany invaded the area instead
    Hitler demanded all the Sudetenland, looked like war
  • 64
    Which countries signed the Munich Agreement?
    Poland, Britain, France, and Germany
    Russia, Britain, France, and Germany
    Britain, France, Italy, and Germany
  • 65
    Poland was given ________and Hungary received______ ____ and Germany Italy, France and Britain guaranteed the rest.
    Denmark, Africa
    Teschen, South Slovakiat
    Rhineland, Yuma
  • 66
    Who did Germany agree never to go to war with?
  • 67
    Why did Hitler was Czechoslovakia?
    Cars, Lebensraum, Tanks
    Coal, iron ore, weapons factories, Lebensraum
    Greater Germany, cotton, corn
  • 68
    What was the Locarno Treaty signed by Britain, Belgium, France and Germany?
    secure the post-war territorial settlement & return relations
    Agreement not to go to war
    Give Germany the Rhineland
  • 69
    Which was not a reason why the remilitarisation of the Rhineland was allowed?
    France was to weak
    France&USSR had a treaty to protect each other against Germany so Hitler used this as an excuse saying it placed him under threat
    France was dealing with Abyssinian crisis
  • 70
    Who led the right wing nationalists that rebelled against the government(Left wing, Popular front) that led to a civil war in Spain?
    General Franco
  • 71
    Hitler used carpet bombing, and Luftwaffe bombing raid in..?
  • 72
    Which was not a reason why Hitler wanted Austria?
    soldiers, weapons, rich deposits of: gold, iron, ore, and salt
    Greater Germany- 96% of Austrians spoke German
    Hitler's Birthplace
    Wanted to Send the Austrians to camps
  • 73
    Nazis were appointed into the government in Austria, which chancellor was forced to resign after being bullied into giving the Nazis more power?
  • 74
    After the plebiscite how many voted for an anchluss?
  • 75
    When did Britain and France start rearming signifying the end of appeasement?
    After Czechoslovakia and Austria
    After Germany attacked France
    After Germany's plans were leaked
  • 76
    Why did Hitler want Poland and why did Russia sign the Nazi-Soviet pact?
    Lebensraum, Poland would be split
    Prove his power, Russia would attack Germany
    Greater Germany, Russia liked Hitler
  • 77
    Which were not long/short term causes of war
    Appeasement, Nazi Soviet Pact
    Imperialism of Britain France, and Japan
    Treaty of Versailles, Failure of L of N
    Great Depression, Britsh and French supporting Poland
  • 78
    Who are the Freikorps?
    Anti-communist ex soldiers
  • 79
    Why did the Kaiser fail?
    Civilians overthrew them
    Refused to become democratic to make peace with the allies
    Only did bad for Germany
  • 80
    Who was the new Socialist leader of the republic of Germany?
    Friedrich Ebert
  • 81
    Spartacists, From the left wing the communists thought a communist revolution was needed this lead to their failure and their leaders being murdered by?
  • 82
    In Bavaria in south of Germany ( an ally of Bert(kurt Eisner) led a separate socialists state was murdered
    communists in Bavaria took the opportunity to declare a soviet republic there..What did the Freikorps do?

    Freikorps moved to stop them & 600 communists killed (May 1919)
    Supported them
  • 83
    In the Ruhr industrial area there was communist action and police, army, and Freikorps clashed with communists how many casualties?
    1 million
  • 84
    In March 1929 Wolfgang kapp led 5000 kier corps into Berlin in a rebellion (Kapp Putsch) (Putsch means rebellion) What Happened after?
    Murdered many
    Left the country (Hunted down and died)
    Overthrew Ebert
  • 85
    Summer of 1922 Ebert's foreign minister Walther Rathenau was murdered by?
  • 86
    November 1923 Adolf Hitler led an attempted rebellion in Munich what was it called?
    Munich Putsch
    Munich strike
    Kapp Putsch
  • 87
    How much was reparations set at?
    6.5 million
    50 million pounds
    6.6 billion
  • 88
    In 1921 Germany paid 50 million pounds for reparations in 1922 nothing was paid what did French and Belgian troops do in the Ruhr?
    Ook what was owed in the form of raw materials and goods
    Take over
    Murder all the workers
  • 89
    In the ruhr workers carried out a passive resistance (strike) so French would have nothing to take. The French killed over 100 workers and expelled 100,000 protestors from the region. This led to?

    Germany turning Communist
    Collapse of German currency. hyperinflation
    Nazis taking over
  • 90
    On august 1923 a new government called of strikes in the Ruhr, Burned the printed money and replaced them with Rentenmark, negotiated to refinance loans under the Dawes plan, renovation reparation payments, and
    economic crisis solved quickly, who led this government?
    Gustav Stresemann
  • 91
    Under Dawes plans reparations were paid(800 million marks in loans).In 1927 Germany's economy was recovered. In 1928 Germany had the same levels of production as before the war. Famous Bauhaus style of architecture developed how many visitors came in the first exhibition?
    15 million
  • 92
    German cinema produced one of its greatest ever international stars and one of its most celebrated directors. Who were they?

    Marlene Monroe and Lang loo
    Carla Suppers and Justin Bieber
    Marlene Dietrich and Fritz Lang
  • 93
    How many dance bands were in Berlin?
    9 million
  • 94
    The Nazis gained less than 3% of the vote in 1928 election. 30% of the vote went to parties opposed of The republic led by Stressemann. Who was elected president in 1926 who opposed democracy?
  • 95
    In 1925 Stresemann signed the Locarno treaty that
    guaranteed not to try and change Germany’s western borders with France and belgium what happened because of this?

    Germany was accepted into the L of N in 1926
    Germany went bankrupt
    Stresemann was murdered
  • 96
    What is the word that means relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state?
  • 97
    What's the definition of Fuhrer?
    person who engages in critical study, thought, and reflection
    idea that Germany should be economically self-sufficient
    idea that there should be a single leader with complete power rather than a democracy
  • 98
    What's autarky?
    idea that Germany should be economically self-sufficient
    Idea that the aryan race was superior and jews were subhuman
    Revolution in Turkey
  • 99
    What's the idea that the aryan race was superior and jews were subhuman?
    Social darwinism
  • 100
    Hitler's 25 point program appealed to all but?
    Someone who wanted to return to the autocratic government of the past
    Working men who voted communist
    Socialists and racists
    Nationalists(thought German race was better than any other)
    Someone who was angry about losing war

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