Who Should Your Subjectively Sexy Supernatural Honey Be?

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A just-for-fun quiz for anyone who likes dudes and doesn't mind being referred to as a girl. Have a sense of humour.

  • 1
    Meet-cute: what scenario do you like the best?
    He spends an inappropriate amount of time in a graveyard, but then, so do you. Who the hell are you to judge?
    The handsome honey catches your eye from across the cafeteria and begins to either dry-heave or convulse over how attractive you are. You are not repulsed by this and would consider it creepy yet endearing.
    This sexy sonofagun pulls up in his black car, flashes a fake FBI badge, and flirts with you while asking about the cold spots in your house.
    This scrumptious muffin is strolling right out of the scariest woods you've ever seen. You lock eyes. He looks away, flustered.
  • 2
    Ohmigoshhh, it's your first date! Where is this beef steak even taking you!
    To a diner. You each have a burger, he has pie for dessert.
    To a quaint, if oddly decorated, little bistro where he recommends something that sounds as though it will taste like feet but turns out to be fizzy and delicious.
    The underworld. It's ok, you guess, but smells kinda like rotten eggs. He keeps trying to peer down your blouse.
    To a meadow. It's cool, you'll just eat some friggin flowers or whatever while he stares at you, unblinking.
  • 3
    It's first kiss time. Are you excited? Well, you should be, you minx!
    He sneaks in for a peck on the lips. It's his first kiss, clearly, but it's sweet and definitely the kind of thing you can build on.
    He try's to stick his tongue down your throat and mostly succeeds- it's gross and who has a tongue that long?
    You're in the parking lot of the diner- so romantic! He lays it on you- this is not his first kiss, and he's pretty good.
    He takes your hand, gazing into your eyes. He turns away, grimacing as if you stink. You did shower recently, right?
  • 4
    What's the biggest obstacle to your relationship?
    Oh, you know, there's the stalking, attempted murder, his weasel-dick of a sister.
    His life is constantly in danger by this guy who seems to care about his education but clearly wants him dead.
    He's always on the road and he keeps secrets.
    It's tough to get any alone time, plus he's dirty and kind of an asshole.
  • 5
    What do you love most about him? Spill, girl!
    Oh my god he's so hot. Plus he's funny as hell.
    The way he watches me sleep and thirsts for my death.
    He's always there when you call and he's always up for a laugh.
    He's got a good bunch of friends, he's loyal, and he knows how to have a good time.
  • 6
    What is he afraid of? This quiz is getting deep. Whatever, just go with it.
    Being seen for the creep he truly is. Er, losing his one true love.
    Not living up to his potential. Also, the world falling into total darkness monsters ruling over the earth.
    The death of family and being alone.
    Being forgotten.
  • 7
    What would he give you as a gift?
    Worms. Chest-hair. A poltergeist. A night out on the town with all of the above (including the poltergeist).
    Candy, a sports souvenir of his, hosiery.
    A portrait he drew of you or something stupid that he thinks is sentimental but is way too expensive and makes you feel uncomfortable.
    A protective amulet and pie. Ok, like 1/2 of a pie.
  • 8
    It's time to meet your parents! How does he impress them?
    He's polite and he combed his hair. He brought everyone jellybeans.
    He's mature and smiles a lot. Like, too much. Tone it down and stop staring, buddy, you're pretending to be a regular dude.
    He makes his head spin around and hits on your mom.
    He's mostly sober and his clothes are blood-free. He talks to your dad about cars for 10 minutes before figuring out your mom is the mechanic and your dad is a psychiatrist. What more do you want?
  • 9
    What part of you does he find most attractive?
    Your voice and love of the dark and unusual.
    Your neck and lack of any sense of self-preservation.
    Your hair and your survival instincts
    Your beauty and your guns. Pew pew!
  • 10
    What are his friends like?
    Nobody likes him so he has no friends.
    A little scary but are good people who like to drink. Except for his stick-in-the-mud little brother.
    Great! Plus they're all already paired off so no competition!
    They're mostly ok... Some are judgemental or off-putting. The usual cool-crowd.

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