What type of person am I?

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Want to find out if you're the confident quirky klutz or emo one?

  • 1
    What's your favorite color?
    The strangest color you could ever imagine!
    Black and another color.
  • 2
    Favorite activity?
    Talk to my friends or myself about Star Trek, The Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, or Star Wars
    Whatever I feel like doing or purposely sound like a spaz
    Paint my nails while I complain about my boyfriend to my girlfriends:3
    Chill or play a sport that I'm OBSESSED about
    Blast punk or metal music as loud as I can in my bedroom while I head mosh and dance all around.
  • 3
    High heels, skinny jeans, glittery top, cute jacket, and the most perfect makeup on days I choose something simple!
    A space unicorn eating a burrito!: D
    Something all black or black and another color and maybe some spikes to scare the nerdy kid who has a crush on me
    A jersey and activity shorts.
  • 4
    A crush?
    The cutest girl that I sadly have no chance with
    The most popular girl that I see in homeroom
    Any guy that is weird, spontaneous, quirky, clumsy, and funny. I don't care what he looks like. (Me: OMG you could be my BFF!)
    The most popular guy that I see in homeroom
    Guys weird me out.. I prefer an understanding gothic/emo one that hates the world.
  • 5
    Idea of concerts?
    Dancing cool, and flirting with the cute girl next to me.
    Singing along and making sure I sound WAY better than Ari or whoever is singing.
    Why would I go to a concert?
    Head moshing, and awesome dancing as the band blasts the music so loud it makes my ears bleed.
    Doing the weirdest dance I can think of. Who cares what strangers think about me?
  • 6
    Care what others think?
    No. I'm already, like, the most popular girl in school. Everyone wants to be me.
    No, they can eat rocks.
    Nah, I live worry-free.
    No need! Everyone loves me, right..?
    NO! I don't care what anybody thinks about me. I'm perfect the way I am!
  • 7
    Friends think that I'm-
    Smart and obsessed about school.
    AMAZING AND WEIRD! Who wouldn't want to be?
    Friends? Who needs them. I go wherever, whenever.
    Hot and popular. Nothing else I need
  • 8
    My room looks like-
    Dark blue and Star Trek posters are EVERYWHERE
    Pink, and 1D posters are EVERYWHERE
    Unicorns, favorite band, and ME. Done.
    Black, spikes, and pure soul
    Basketball hoop, orange, and awesome
  • 9
    Boyfriend/ girlfriend
    Popular or in my group. Star Trek, glasses.
    Exactly like me. Punk, spikes.
    Hot girl
    Hot guy
    Exactly like me. Weird, spontaneous, and whatnot.
  • 10
    A human being either the sex of female or male.
    Me, you, everyone else.
    If they're normal: They scare me. If they're weird: I love them
    ME. DUH
    Hate them
  • 11
    Your parents tell you to come home by 10:00 pm. You come home when?
    Whenever I want to. Most likely 1:00 am
    9:00 pm sharp.
    About 10:30
    Midnight. I was up with my girlfriends.
    The next day.
  • 12
    Your parents don't approve of a guy or girl. You do what?
    Date her anyway ;) If I love her, she stays.
    Immediately break up with them
    Date him anyway ;) Who cares what THEY think?
    Date him. Until I get caught. Then they're gone..:(
    Date them until I hate them.

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Brian ( 1.240 )
Posted 172 days ago
This test is stupid. Some answers didn't describe me at all. So the result is inaccurate.
ItsRainigTacos ( 0.125 )
Posted 265 days ago
u are my twin u are awesome!!! my and my bff are wierdos to and we are proud!!!!
urmi ( 30.62 )
Posted 329 days ago
there should be more options.......i guess for less options my result turns something that i m not. plz add more options. thanks.........cheers :)