Does he love you? (Made for girls.)

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Have you ever wondered if the guy you've had a HUGE crush on for 2 years loved you, or just wanted to be your friend? Find out here!

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    Do you think he loves you? ~Please answer honestly!
    I honestly don't know.. I thought taking this quiz would help me think.
    YES! He's always flirting with me, and teasing me. I luv it ;D
    Yeah, I think. He normally asks personal questions about me. Like my favorite color, or if I'm single ;)
    I don't think so..
  • 2
    How does he act around you?
    He treats me like I'm perfectly normal.
    He normally blushes and looks down a lot when I talk to him.
    He teases me.
    He treats me like I'm no different than anyone else. But sometimes I catch him smiling at me from across the room, then he quickly looks away.
    He acts likes he hates me.
  • 3
    How do his FRIENDS act when you come around the corner?
    They do nothing
    They chuckle and make silly googly eyes at me. They're playful-like when they do this.
    They punch my crush in the arm and are like, "Go talk to her!"
    They act normal. But when I turn to the next corner, they laugh nonstop.
    They treat me like crap.
  • 4
    Does he ever poke you, or tease you. (Something I do myself.)
    He's made physical contact. Like holding my hand.
    He treats me like he never wants to talk to me or look at me.
  • 5
    You drop your books (Possibly on purpose.) in front of him. He does-?
    Helps me politely
    Picks them up for me, and smiles
    Laughs at me ;(
    Picks one up, then drops it on my head.
    Looks down and blushes.
  • 6
    Pretend you’re a klutz, (I already am!) You stack a chair for some reason and he's right next to you. But, your backpack gets caught on one of them and is about to hit you in the head. He does what?
    Watches in shock.
    Holds the chair so I don't get hit. Such a gentlemen!
    Laughs when it hits me.
    Pushes me out of the way making me fall on the ground. Then, he grabs my hand while asking, "Are you OK?" and smiles
    Watches then rushes over to see if I'm alright.
  • 7
    A dance is coming up and you've built up the courage to ask him. He says what?
    Uhhhhh...... Sure
    Laughs in my face and shouts no while giving me a strange look.
    That's sweet but someone has already asked me. Sorry.
    Uh.. I uh. Yes. I would love to
  • 8
    You tell a lame joke. He does what?
    Looks at me and asks,"What?"
    Gives me the evil eye
    Laughs strangely.
    Winks at me.
    Cracks up
  • 9
    You're getting picked on, he does what?
    Mimics them so they don't focus on you and gets a bloody nose for it.
    Watches in shock
    Goes along with it
    Stands up for you. So romantic!
    Starts a fight for you.
  • 10
    Now, do you think he likes you? Compared to what you knew before and then now.
    Yeah, I feel more confident that he likes me.
    I already knew he loved me, just wanted to make sure
    Yep! Thank you so much.
    No *sob* *hic*
    Nope. He has a restraining order against me.

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janat lei ( 32.39 )
Posted 313 days ago
i think he doesn't love me