Does she like you? (middle school guys)

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For all of the guys out there who need a second opinion (ahem, the Internet) before asking that special someone out/to dance.

  • 1
    How often does she talk to you?
    Never - we don't know each other.
    Not often (once every week or two weeks)
    Occasionally (every few days)
    Every day
  • 2
    When you ask her a question she looks . . .
    Fascinated in what you're saying
    Nervous, shy, bashful
  • 3
    She's the type of person who would . . .
    Hate males in general
    Not really have crushes on anyone
    Go up to her crush and immediately express her interest
    Bashfully write her crush's name in tiny handwriting in her notebook
  • 4
    Her friends . . .
    Don't know you exist
    Treat you like an average acquaintance
    Ask you if you like her often
    Look at you a lot
  • 5
    You catch her looking at you . . .
    Occasionally, but she always looks away quickly after
    All the time - she smiles and waves a lot, too
    Only when she's talking to me
  • 6
    She seems to . . .
    Not know you exist at all
    Know your first name
    Know all of your personal information
    Know your middle name
  • 7
    You communicate via . . .
    Talk occasionally, sometimes text
    Never communicate
    Text, talk, call, EVERYTHING
    Text, but basically as friends
  • 8
    When she's around you she . . .
    Acts like you're friends
    Blushes, plays with her hair, seems jittery, avoids eye contact
    Flirts, blows kisses, makes a lot of physical contact
  • 9
    Do you think she likes you?
    Just as friends
    She hates me/doesn't know I exist
    Maybe - she's never clear about it
    Definitely - it's on the verge of becoming almost creepy
  • 10
    If you sat next to each other in class (separate chairs, joint table), she would . . .
    Sit the normal distance apart
    Basically sit on your lap
    Move as far away as possible - maybe even request to change seats
    Sit kind of closer than average to you, although it could just be a mistake

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