How much do you know about basketball

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If you think you know everything about basketball try this test and see if you are correct

  • 1
    How many points do you get from foul shots?
    Dont know
  • 2
    What do you do at the start of a basketball game?
    Get some goals
    Jump ball
    Pass the ball in
    I don't know
  • 3
    How many points to you get if you shoot a three pointer?
    I don't know
  • 4
    How many players are allowed on the court at a time?
    How many arrives
  • 5
    Can you play with 4 players?
    I don't know
    Not shore
  • 6
    Are you allowed to tackle the opposite team?
    I don't know
  • 7
    What Is a foul?
    When you get a goal
    I don't know
    When you slap someone on the arm while playing
    When you steal the ball of the other team
  • 8
    How many quarters are there?
    I don't know
  • 9
    How long do the quarters go for?
    I don't know
    20 min
  • 10
    What does DOMESTIC mean?
    Not professional basketball
    Professional basketball
    I don't know

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Aneurin ( 9.253 )
Posted 41 days ago
If it is a quarter then how is there only 2???????? A quarter is 1/4.
Leon ( 4.230 )
Posted 79 days ago
This quiz is dumbbbbbbb. There's 4 quarters in basketball, not 2. And each quarter is 12 minutes not 20.
Micaela ( 180.5 )
Posted 97 days ago
I'm sorry but this quiz is not right. I'm 12 and I've been playing basketball since I was 7. There is 4 quarters in basketball. However I only play 2. Also you can play with 4 players when only 5 show up and one person gets fouled out. However NBA you can't. So please have someone make a quiz that knows their stuff.
Alexander ( 95.59 )
Posted 105 days ago
There are definitely 4 quarters in a game of basketball, with 2 quarters in each half. But there are two halves in NCAA basketball. The quiz needs to be clearer.
jack ( 52.44 )
Posted 121 days ago
There are 4 quarters... Otherwise it would be a half game of basketball
STEPHANIE ( 8.218 )
Posted 165 days ago
This is the most retarded quiz ever! I should have gotten 100%, but apparently 1/4 is actually 1/2 in this person's math world. In the NBA you get penalized if all 5 players are not on the court.
melissa ( 4.204 )
Posted 199 days ago
quarters can go for 10 minutes in a 4 quarter game. get ya facts straight plz
Jason ( 14.14 )
Posted 211 days ago
8&9: Technically these are right it terms of college basketball, but in the NCAA they are called two halves. Just like in math 2 halves make a whole. 4 quarters make a whole. If it were quarters then it would be 12 minute quarters.
5: It is illegal to have 4 players on the court. If you have 5 players on the court and the other players are either injured or fouled out and one of the players on the court fouls out supposedly they are allowed to stay on the court.but the opposing team is awarded a technical free throw.
Taylor ( 76.84 )
Posted 267 days ago
Sorry, but this quiz needs to be clearer about which basketball it's talking about. In college, it is possible to play with 4 players, but in the NBA, you cannot, the last player to foul out can still play, but he gets a technical for every extra foul.

Questions 8 and 9 are simply not correct, as there can only be 4 quarters in a game. Any more or less, then it is not a quarter of the game. College plays 2 halves of 20 minutes a piece. They do not play quarters. NBA plays 4 quarters of 12 minutes.

The questions can be improved by being clearer, i.e. how many halves are there in college basketball, or how many quarters are there in the NBA,. But as it is, too many questions are too vague for the quiz to be effective.
Tiara ( 65.67 )
Posted 270 days ago
I got to school that is middle school and high school, however the high school team play 4 quarters but us middle schoolers play 2 halfs, so honestly it all depends.
Gavin Janke ( 2.240 )
Posted 285 days ago
Actually they are correct. In High School and some nba games. There are two quarters with two half's. Sorry to bust your bubble. Go back to troll camp.
Gavin ( 6.150 )
Posted 331 days ago
question 8 and 9 are both wrong. u r not a very good quiz maker. sorry