Does he like me?

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  • 1
    How much do you two talk?
    Not much
    A lot
  • 2
    Who starts the conversation?
    Him most of the time
    We don't talk
    Me most of the time
  • 3
    Does he tease you?
    Only if I find it funny
    He doesn't know me
    No he's pretty serious
    Yeah it's like he hates me
  • 4
    Does he ever compliment you?
    NO, never
    Once or twice
    Yes, all the time!
    He doesn't know who I am
  • 5
    Does he have a girlfriend?
    Yes and he really likes her
    No but he wants one
    No and he doesn’t want one
    Yes, but he doesn't like her.
    He's talking to someone
  • 6
    Does he get nervous when you're around?
    Really nervous, it's so cute!
    Sometimes not really though
    He doesn't know me.
    I haven't noticed
    I mean he can't really look me in the eye and sometimes he stutters
  • 7
    What do his friends do when you're around?
    Joke around and make fun of him, maybe push him towards me
    I'm one of the guys
    Ignore me
    They don't know me
    Compliment him
  • 8
    Do you really think he likes you?
    Yes! All the signs are there
    I think so...
    He doesn't know me
    I don't know
  • 9
    Why would you think he wouldn't like you?
    I don't think I'm his type
    He has a girlfriend
    I think I'm friendzoned
    I'm not pretty
    He doesn't know me
  • 10
    Has he introduced you to his friends/family?
    Just his friends not family
    Only if he had to
    A few
    That's how we met
  • 11
    Does he get jealous if you talk to other guys?
    Sometimes if he thinks the guys trouble
    No he's a pretty chill person
    He doesn't know me why would he get mad
    Oh lord yes he freaks out and insults them
    Not at all no matter what
  • 12
    Do you ever catch him staring at you?
    Once or twice
    All the time it's kind of weird
    A few times
    Yeah but he's just probably looking at something behind me
  • 13
    What does he do if you catch him staring?
    Smiles and waves
    I don't I just said that!
    Says "Oh sorry I was looking at that poster."
    Holds eye contact for a long time
    Quickly looks away
  • 14
    If he sees you in public what would he do?
    Come over and make small talk then keep going with his day
    Smile and wave then go on with his day
    Come over to you and hug you and have an actual conversation
    Nothing he doesn't know me
    Run away/ act like he didn't see me
  • 15
    (Double question so read both questions and both answers) Q1: Has he ever...... Q2: What does he do when talking to you
    A1 & A2 He's just friendly
    A1: Held your hand? A2: He seems kind of distracted and not into it but he still talks to me
    A1: Hugged you? A2: Looks me in the eyes and pokes me and just makes a lot of physical contact
    He doesn’t know me
    A1; Kissed you? A2: He seems really interested, looks me in the eye, and actually listens

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Izzie ( 5.111 )
Posted 334 days ago
We go to the same school in 6th grade and we haven't had a dance yet and I already know all his friends