Is She Into You?(for guys)

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Does she have crush on you or do you have her stuck in the friend zone

  • 1
    When you say hi, how does she reply?
    Blushes a little but talk to you normally.
    Talks to you like a normal person.
    Gets very giggly and laughs in a fake, high pitched voice.
    I don't know. I never really notice.
  • 2
    Does she ever talk about other guys to you?
    Always. It's like she's obsessed
    We don't talk at all
  • 3
    How many times does she text you a day?
    A LOT. Your phone is constantly buzzing
    She doesn't even have your number
    She texts you every once in a while
    She texts you a little bit throughout the night just to talk
  • 4
    What does she do when you walk onto a room?
    Whisper to friends and point about you then giggles and blushing with her friends
    Looks over and waves
    She doesn't notice you
    Walks over and talks to you
  • 5
    Have you two talked about crushes to each other?
    Once or twice
    Yes. She constantly is bringing up the topic
    We don't talk
  • 6
    Does she tease you?
    Yes, sometimes
    She has once or twice
    Like I said, we don't talk
  • 7
    Does she ever compare you and her to her exes?
    We don't talk
    All the time! She always compares me to him!
  • 8
    What does she do when you come near her?
    Strokes her hair and just touches up her lashes to look good for you
    She looks at you and smiles
    She doesn't do anything at all
    She touches up everything on her body and laughs very loud, trying to get your attention
  • 9
    Does she mention upcoming events that she wants to go to?
    We don't talk
  • 10
    When you crack a joke what does she do?
    You don't talk
    She laughs a real beautiful laugh
    She grunts a laugh
    Laugh a big fake laugh

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Saige ( 7.147 )
Posted 313 days ago
If there is any guys reading this don't worry if this quiz said she doesn't like you. I myself took this quiz to see if it says that I like the guy. And from what I answered it says I don't but I actually really like him. I'm just shy. Don't get ur hopes down