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If you were an animal, which animal would you be? Find out now!

  • 1
    If you saw someone crying in a corner, but really wanted to continue your game, what would you do?
    Look at them sympathetically, but don't not go over to them.
    Go over and comfort them and if they are hurt, get a teacher.
    Ignore them.
    Go over to them and ask if they want to play.
  • 2
    You have just won a big competition. What do you do?
    Feel really happy and proud of yourself, but don't say anything. You go over to the opposition and tell them good game.
    Whoop and cheer, yelling "I won uh, huh, oh yeah Woo-hoo!"
    Grin and make it clear that you are very happy.
    Look modest and shrug your shoulders.
  • 3
    You find a purse with $50 in it lying on the side walk. What do you do?
    Quickly take it to the police station, not bothering to check if anyone is nearby.
    Grab it immediately and pull out the $50, then drop the purse back on the ground and run away.
    Leave it lying on the side walk. Someone else can take it to the police station.
    Look around and see if anyone is in sight and if there is nobody, take it to the police station.
  • 4
    A friend, by accident tells another friend one of your secrets who you didn't want to tell. What do you do?
    Tell her a funny joke to make her forget it.
    Get slightly cross, but forgive her after thinking about it carefully.
    Forgive her for it. It's another friend, who cares if you didn't want to tell him/her
    Ditch her after a crying fit, and run off with the popular kids.
  • 5
    You have had a bad day. Someone you don't know comes over and tries to comfort you. What is your immediate reaction?
    Ask her what her name is, and ask if you can join in with her game.
    Tell them a funny joke, and if they laugh, tell some more.
    Wipe your tears and try to get to know her. Maybe you can make a new friend.
    Shout "Go away" and continue crying, harder than before.
  • 6
    Your Mum announces she is pregnant. What do you do?
    Grin and tell Mum about school.
    Ask her if it is a boy or a girl, and ask her if she needs any help.
    Cry. You don't want to share your mum.
    Ask if you can listen to the baby's heart.
  • 7
    Your sister tells you that she plans to give your brother a new toy car for his birthday, but he already has a million of those. How do you point it out without upsetting your sister?
    Tell your sister that your brother will love it.
    Point that out in a really mean way and then cover your ears when your sister says she's going to tell.
    Tell your sister directly and hope it doesn't upset her.
    Tell her that that will be a brilliant thing to add to his collection.
  • 8
    Someone at school says that you're a know-it-all. What is your reaction?
    Call them a meanie and a bully and hit them really hard.
    Tell them a corny joke to prove that they're wrong.
    Tell them that it doesn't affect you.
  • 9
    By accident, you drink out of your sister's cup. What do you say to your sister?
    Apologise and correct your mistake by drinking out of your glass.
    Apologise right away and offer your untouched glass to her.
    Knock over your sister's cup on purpose.
    Tell her a joke to distract her.
  • 10
    And last, but not least, a personality question. How would your friends describe you?
    Funny and a big lover of jokes and attention.
    Protective, kind and really smart.
    Shy, quiet and sensitive.
    Cold, cruel, mean.

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