Are you shy?

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So, you've been hearing mixed thoughts about whether you are shy or not. This quiz will help verify if you are or not

  • 1
    Today, your teacher decided to call people out during class discussion. What is your first thought?
    Please don't call on me!
    If I seriously get called on, I literally won't say anything!
    Please call on me! I want to talk!
  • 2
    What do you actually do when your teacher calls you?
    You say the answer like you didn't even care.
    Say you don't know, and hopes the teacher moves on. Or say nothing.
    You yell, YESSS! And say your answer loud.
  • 3
    Are you interested in being an anchor on TV crew?
    Yes, I love people seeing my beautiful face!
    No! Never! Not a chance!
    As long as I'm not on camera.
  • 4
    You are at a football game, and you are on the big screen! What do you do?
    Hide under your chair.
    Smile and wave.
    Jump around, wave, and make yourself look like an idiot.
  • 5
    Are you considered popular?
    No, the popular girls tease me for my shyness.
    I am an average student.
    Yes! Everyone loves me!
  • 6
    Scenario: Your teacher split your class into 3 groups of 8. You got switched into another group, and your teacher clearly states to your new group that you are now in the group. You then realize there aren't extra seats at your table. Of course, the group begins discussing. What do you do?
    Tell your teacher you don't have a chair. Once your teacher gets a chair, you sit down and start discussing with everyone else right away.
    Sit 4 feet away from everyone else on the floor, scared that your teacher is going to say something.
    Tell your teacher that you don't have a chair, then sit quietly once you get one.
  • 7
    Do you call yourself shy?
    Don't want to say...
    Maybe a little.
  • 8
    You get stuck on a question on a class work, what do you do?
    Go to the teachers desk and ask for help.
    Raise your hand and call the teachers name loudly.
    Quietly keep your hand raised until the teacher comes.
  • 9
    You have a test! What do you do? (Anxiety Test Question)
    You freak out in your head, and know you are going to fail
    You don't give it much thought.
    Your a little nervous but it doesn't cause too much of a problem.
  • 10
    Why did you take this quiz?
    Nothing better to do.
    I don't know if I'm shy or not!
    My teacher made me!

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