Does he like me?

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    When you talk to him, how did he respond?
    He smiles at me and his eyes seems to glow and we end up talking randomly.
    We never talk
    Sometimes, he just shakes his head or nod. Well, at least he listens, right?
    He answers cheerfully but goes away directly and talks to other girls.
    He ignores me and avoids me all the time.
  • 2
    When you guys are texting, what do you usually talk about?
    We talk about our studies and he asks me to help with his homework, or asks me to do it.
    We talk about random things and it just never gets boring!
    We don't text each other, he doesn't want to text me.
    He never replies quickly, and he never uses any emojis like laugh emojis and stuff, so it's pretty plain and stiff.
    He replies in like a second and he seems to care a lot, like a lot!
  • 3
    Does his friends tease him when you're with him?
    Sometimes, they just joke around about me, but it's not offensive.
    He's never around me, he avoids me.
    No. Instead, they dragged him away when I approached him and he seems to like it.
    They do, but he turns mad and the next day, he won't talk to me and be so mean to me.
    Yeah, they always tease us and everybody else jumps in too, and his face flushes red like a freaking tomato!
  • 4
    Is he in a relationship right now?
    There are rumours saying that he likes another girl.
    No, he just broke up with his girlfriend, he's so broken.
    People say that he likes me, and sometimes they thought we're together.
    He's completely single.
    He has a girlfriend and many other girls.
  • 5
    Out of all these choices, pick one that is the closest thing that he does.
    He strokes my hair and touch body a lot.
    He shouts and became mean to me when I didn't do what he told me to because I don't like it.
    He helps me with everything and he's always playing with me, he cares when I'm sad or sick, and never leaves my side.
    He curses at me, and it's not in a jokingly form.
    He's like my brother, we can't live without each other.
  • 6
    For how long have you known each other?
    We just met this year, we're not that close.
    Around 5-10 years, we're best friends.
    Less than 5 years.
    More than 10 years, we're inseparable.
  • 7
    Did he ever kissed you?
    Yes, a lot. It gets so passionate sometimes.
    Sometimes he leans in, but didn't kiss me.
    No, he doesn't even wants to face me.
    Of course not! we're still young!
    He kisses me on the cheek when he says I'm acting cute and all.
  • 8
    Does he look at you much?
    He looks at me, well, my homework.
    No, he won't even face me.
    Yeah, but he always looks away when I caught him looking. His face becomes red.
    He turns to me when his friends and him are gossiping or talking about me.
    Yes, it's like his eyes are glued at me, and I always catch him smiling.
  • 9
    This doesn't determine the results, do you really think he likes you?
    Yes, of course!
    No, I'm just curious, guess that I have such high hopes.
    He's sending mix signals.
    I have some doubts.
  • 10
    Okay, this is the end of the quiz, do you like this quiz, also doesn't determine the results and, good luck with this guy, or just move on! Always try but don't break your heart 💖
    No, I hate it .
    I love it!

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Megan Gurney ( 66.87 )
Posted 329 days ago
hey, thanks so much. i loved this.