How much do you know about the Romanovs?

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This is just a fun quiz to find out how much you know about the historical Russian family: The Romanovs.

  • 1
    Name the members of the family:
    Michial, Alexandra, Borris, Marya, Natalya, Lara, and Olga
    Nicolas, Alisa, Vladimir, Lara, Natalya, Roza, and Marya
    Michial, Artur, Lidiya, Alisa, Sonya, Anastasia, and Hatiana
    Nicholas, Alexandra, Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Alexei
    Nicolas, Alex, Owen, Alexei, Taylor, Mary, and Anastasia
  • 2
    What child was thought to be magic from a picture of him/her floating in air?
  • 3
    What child of the family had hemophilia?
  • 4
    What child was thought to be involved in witchcraft?
  • 5
    Describe who Rasputin was...
    Rasputin was part of the Duma that the czar created, but he was kicked out from being found drinking all the time
    Rasputin was a stuffed animal, a teddy bear, that was treasured in the Winter Palace as a valuable artifact.
    Rasputin was a blacksmith who delivered iron essentials to the Romanovs, but stole many priceless jewels
    Rasputin was a priest who was often found drunk with several girlfriends, yet secretly was perhaps magically helping the child who had hemophilia
    Rasputin was a kind old man who helped the wife take care of the children at a time when there was an unknown sickness in two of them
  • 6
    How did the Romanovs die?
    The Romanovs were killed by a group of citizens that were angry at a farm where they were invited to dinner.
    They got tricked into a "house arrest" by the Reds, and one day they got lead down to the basement told they would get their picture taken, then got shot and killed.
    They all learned to help at war and got killed in a bloody battle, but the child with hemophilia died from the severe illness.
  • 7
    What did the Reds believe in and what did the Whites believe in?
    The Reds wanted equality among everyone and were very peaceful in their fight but the Whites were brutal and stood for their czar while shooting anyone who disagreed.
    The Reds wanted communism so that everyone got equal food, water, money, etc. and they were generally against the czar. The Whites were with the czar and stood up for their old traditions.
    The Reds were with the czar and believed that the Romanovs were doing a good job, especially in the army and WW1, while the Whites wanted a Republic to vote on their own leaders.
  • 8
    Which member of the family played a big part in helping the famine of 1921? How?
    The czar forced everyone who were rich to donate at least 1/8 of their money to the poor peasants who needed help.
    The son with hemophilia was able to help Russia by selling many of his valuables that managed to encourage others to do the same.
    The wife before meeting the czar had several friends who pitched in a lot of money and even helped deliver much of the food that was bought.
    The heir, the prince before becoming czar, was able to convince many rich/wealthy to not only give money to help, but some physically helped set up soup kitchens.
  • 9
    Did the Romanovs have a dog?
    Yes, one of the daughter's had a dog named Jimmy who died alongside the other Romanovs in their tragic death.
    No, there wasn't any dog because of so many valuables that the dog could have broken.
    Yes, there was a dog but the name was never recorded so there wasn't much information found, just the bones in the same grave as the Romanovs.
    Yes, the son with hemophilia had a dog named Danya who somehow managed to survive the tragic death of the Romanovs.
  • 10
    How many children were there in the Romanov family?

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