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    Hi and welcome to my quiz, First question, Does he stare at you?
    YES! All the time, it seems like his eyes are glued to me
    Only if I have something stuck in my teeth
    No, he doesn't even know I exist:(
    Sometimes, but not all the time
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    Does he do everything he can to be around you?
    No, he seems like he wants to be away from me:(
    Like I said, he doesn't know I exist
    Yes, it's like I'm a magnet and he's magnetic (you know like a fridge magnet and the fridge door)
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    Has he ever "accidentally" touched you (brushed your arm. touched your hand, etc.)
    He has done that but he probably didn't mean to
    Yea, he does that a lot
    Whenever he touches me he goes to disinfect himself as if I was a germ
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    Does he text you a lot, like a lot of your selfies, follow you on all social media sites, etc.
    OMG YES!
    Sometimes/ he doesn't have a phone (me: if your crush is anything like mine, his phone might be broken lol)
    He tries to stay away from my social media pages
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    Has he ever made a move (put his arm around you, held your hand, hugged you, asked you out) on purpose?
    He did at least one of these
    He's too shy/ he hugged me but it was friendly
    He wouldn't touch me if his life depended on it
    Remember, he doesn't know I exist
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    Does he compliment you?
    Sometimes but it's because we're friends
    No, never:(
    Yea, a lot <3
    Lol nope, that's the last thing he would do
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    Does he defend you when people are being rude or be very concerned about your problems, more so than other guy friends?
    Yes but I have other guy friends? (me: I can relate to that)
    Yea but he's about as concerned as my other guy friends
    No, he's the one being rude
  • 8
    Have your friends (or his) suggested you go on a date with him or has one of his friends said he liked you?
    Both <3 (me: why are you taking this quiz, its obvious)
    People have said we should date
    No, he would be repulsed by that
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    Do his friends tease him when you two are hanging out?
    No, his friends don't know me
    All the time
    We're in the same friend group
    No, him and his friends are too busy being rude
  • 10
    Does he try to dress to impress you or always seem concerned about how he looks to you?
    He dresses to impress another girl:(
    Not particularly
    Yea, he's like that sometimes
  • 11
    Has he tried making friends with your friends?
    No, he doesn't notice me or my friends
    No, he thinks my friends are crazy for being friends with me
    Yea, he's like besties with most if not all of them
    We're in the same friend group
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    I can't believe I haven't asked this yet but does he tease you playfully?
    No, he doesn't notice me
    Yea, buts it's because we're best friends
    Yea, he stops if I seem to be hurt though
    No, he teases to be hurtful
  • 13
    Be honest, do you think he likes you?
    He doesn't know I exist
    No, he hates me
    Yea, I think he's in love with me
    Probably only as a friend
  • 14
    Does he remember little things about you? (favorite color, what you had for lunch yesterday, your birthday etc.)
    Yea but its because he's my best friend and I've known him for forever
    Yea, he asked me why I didn't bring what I usually bring for lunch once (me: well then lol)
    No, he couldn't care to remember
    No, he doesn't know those things
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    Well that's all, bye (let fate decide)

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Demon ( 53.31 )
Posted 314 days ago
He abuses my friends and say that he hates them.....playfully though XD