Who are your ideal friends?

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Girls, do this quiz to discover what type of people you get along with really well but also what type of personalities are a major clash!

  • 1
    When first attending a new place/club who would you try talk to?
    Definitely the girls surrounded by boys and are giggling the loudest
    A rowdy, loud bunch who look like troublemakers
    The sweet, quiet looking girl with her nose in a book
    No body really I prefer to be alone
  • 2
    You're going to sit an essay tomorrow in class but you've been invited to a party tonight, what do you do?
    Well there could be some hot guys, plus I'll study in the morning
    Definitely stay home and study grades are so important
    Who cares about study, parties all the way!
    Study and parties are for losers, I won't do either
  • 3
    Describe your best friend in 3 words
    Rebellious, chill, loud
    What friends?
    Gorgeous, flirty, sweet
    Loyal, kind, caring
  • 4
    What do you do after school?
    Hang by myself. Alone
    Go out with some friends, have some fun
    Go out with my girls we'll go chill with some hot guys
    Study, study and maybe allow myself to indulge in a book
  • 5
    You're in a group and everyone's chatting and having a conversation, what do you do?
    Just sit there and don't say much no one notices me anyway
    Flirt, giggle plan some sweet gatherings
    Sit there politely and wait for my turn to speak, ask about upcoming tests
    Add a joke or two, talk openly I'm also the loudest
  • 6
    Ugh oh a girl you aren't fond of has just invited you over
    Say I have study and can't go.... well I actually do
    Say I don't like her and don't wanna go, she'll get over it
    I guess she could have a hot brother or cousin, what's the harm?
    Huh get real that would never happen I don't get invited to stuff
  • 7
    You've just witnessed someone stealing something at school
    Damn should've joined in for a bit of fun
    Well if he's hot leave it, if not...
    Walk away, you never saw anything
    Tell a teacher or leader straight away!
  • 8
    A teacher has just accused you of cheating when you haven't
    Start crying I'm pretty and can get away with it
    I would never cheat! tell my mother she can call the school
    Tell the teacher to pull his head in the stupid motha....!
    Just sit there and take the blame, whatever
  • 9
    Who should you invite to a party for a bit of fun?
    I go alone
    Your best friend, you can trust her to look after you
    Ummm hot guys obviously?
    All of my mates and we need a take-home-driver for when I get wasted
  • 10
    What quote is most like you?
    Work hard, achievement is brought upon by you and you only
    No friends no worries
    You only live once! do what you want and have fun
    Choose hot friends that will have hot brothers

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