Does she like you?

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For guys that are not totally sure if their crush likes them back. Made by a girl. Really accurate!

  • 1
    Does she ever stare at you?
    Sometimes she does, but not for long.
    Not really, she looks past me.
    She looks at the guy next to me
    Yes she does that quite often.
    She only looks at me when we're having a conversation.
  • 2
    How does she act when you talk?
    She's relaxed. When we talk she's not really paying attention.
    She's a bit tense. When we talk her knees and feet are pointing my way.
    She listens to what I'm saying, but does not seem really interested.
    It seems that she's pretending to listen while she's checking out another guy.
    She's a bit hyper when we talk, she does listen to me, but doesn't look me in the eye.
  • 3
    What stuff does she ask about you?
    She asks me about my friends, or advice about guys.
    She sometimes asks me some things, but I mainly ask the questions.
    She often asks me about my personal life.
    She doesn't really ask me anything.
    She asks me her opinion about different kind of bands, movies, books, etc.
  • 4
    How do her friends act around you?
    Her friends are teasing her / ask me questions like: "Do you have a girlfriend?" "Who's your celeb crush?" "Do you have a crush atm?" etc.
    Her friends pretty much ignore me.
    Her friends act normal, sometimes they smile at me though.
    Her friends don't really care about me, they do about some other guys though.
    Her friends are just being nice to me, nothing more, nothing less.
  • 5
    What is she most likely going to do if you kissed her?
    She'd first be a bit startled, but then she'd probably kiss me back.
    She wouldn't immediately kiss me back, but she'll probably blush.
    She would pull away as soon as possible and then walk away.
    She'd be confused and pull away, she would ask me if I like her while shaking her head.
    She'd push me off and look around to make sure no one saw it.
  • 6
    If you accidentally tripped over something, what would she do?
    Help me up and ask me if I'm okay.
    She would laugh at me and walk away.
    She would ask me if I'm okay, then look at her friends and go with them.
    She would laugh at me, then help me up.
    She would look at me, but do nothing.
  • 7
    How does she react to your bad jokes?
    She would facepalm and question herself why we still hang out together.
    She'd laugh and tell me it's the worst joke ever (still being nice of course)
    She'd laugh, sarcastically
    She would just smile, but seem uninterested.
    She laughs at them anyways.
  • 8
    Does she have a boyfriend?
    Yes, but I think they will break up sooner or later...
    No, but she does have a crush on someone.
    No, but she just got out of a relationship and might not be ready yet for another one.
    Yes, and I guess they're pretty happy together.
  • 9
    Have you ever tried to make her jealous by flirting with another girl? If yes, how did she react?
    She was looking at another guy that was looking jealous of me doing that...
    I haven't tried to make her jealous.
    She wasn't impressed.
    She seemed pretty jealous.
    She raised an eyebrow, but after a few seconds she continued with what she was doing.
  • 10
    Do you think she likes you?
    She seems to like another guy.
    She's probably just being nice to me.
    I have no idea
    I honestly don't think so...

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