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    Do you ever catch your crush looking at you?
    Only if I'm presenting a project...
    Yes, but not every second of the day.
    Yes! A LOT!
    No... he never does...
  • 2
    Does he ever take a long route or the route closest to you to get to where ever he's going?
    Most of the time, yes.
    Not really..
    Yes! All the time!
  • 3
    What is his body language around you?
    He doesn't even notice me or change anything when I come along.
    When he sees me, he COMPLETELY changes how he's acting!
    He glances towards me, but doesn't change his attitude.
    When he sees me, he becomes a little more collected/excited, sort of.
  • 4
    How often do you guys talk in person?
    In between classes/lunch & recess / P.E.
    We don't talk at all.
    We really don't talk..
    Every time we get the chance to!
  • 5
    When you guys do talk, who starts it mostly?
    He always does!
    LADY! I SAID WE DON'T TALK! (me: Wow sorry ;-;)
    Always me.
    About 50/50.
    Mostly me, rarely him.
  • 6
    What do you guys talk about when you do strike up a conversation?
    We always talk about personal things.
    He asks me to pick up a pen..
    Only homework stuff...
    I'm not sayin' it again.. WE DON'T TALK! (me: srry bruh)
    It's mostly random!
  • 7
    Has he given you anything? If so, what was it?
    No..: c
    Yes. It really wasn't anything big.
    Yes. He's given me jewelry, gift cards, or something really nice!
    Yes. It was thoughtful, but simple.
  • 8
    Does he go out of his way to talk to you?
    Not really...
    Yes.. he always does!
    Yeah, kind of.
  • 9
    Has your crush ever complimented you?
    Yes, several times!
    Yes! A lot of compliments!
    Once or twice maybe...
  • 10
    Does he laugh at almost every joke you make, even if it isn't good?
    Most of the time!
  • 11
    If you were to ask him a question, does he immediately answer it?
    Yes, his head snaps towards me and answers my question immediately!
    No, it's a little delayed.
    No, it's delayed or sometimes ignored.
    Most of the time!
  • 12
    When you talk about other guys, does his facial expression change? Does he change the subject?
    He gives me some advice for talking to them.
    We don't talk.
    Yes, he get's jealous and quickly changes the subject!
    Yes, he changes the subject!
  • 13
    Does he show off, or try to impress you?
    Yes, sometimes he fails and it's cute!
    No, he doesn't care for that.
    Yes, every chance he gets!

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Perfectly Unique ( 0.189 )
Posted 54 days ago
Wow... This IS accurate! And I need a little help.... There's this guy I like, he's super cute and dorky..... He always cracks jokes and goes out of his way to talk to me.... But he hasn't said anything yet. And when I mention another guy he doesn't seem to thrille.... What do I do?
Queen of awesomness ( 2.175 )
Posted 311 days ago
I think that my biggest crush likes me 50% and he likes an other girl also 50%. Maybe this stuff is true.